6 thoughts on “Parents, Teachers Worry About Who Will be the Next Superintendent

  1. Who, in their right mind, would want this job after seeing this circus? We will be lucky if the people who work in the district stay. Nobody is going to want to come here now!

  2. This superintendent chased away many of Watertown’s strongest teachers and administrators. Her leaving is great news and I hear that many of her staff are celebrating.

  3. Margaret,

    Chased teachers away? Who? Administrators, who? My son has been in the system for 9 years and it has been mediocre all that time, long before Fitzgerald took the helm. I’m not going to defend Dr Fitzgerald but I will say that she is giving the town the finger and rightly so. She saw and smelled the blood when the Watertown Strong group effectively muffled and emasculated the school committee (the elected body charged with representing the citizen’s interests with regards to education) with it’s “power to the people” petition. I’ll bet Fitzgerald has an interim superintendent job lined up elsewhere. That’s a big thing for retired administrators to do nowadays.

    I think the first order of business is to recall the entire school committee. They have failed this town and their constituents for far too long.

    • Are you joking Fred? What about 5 SPED directors in three years including the constructive termination of a new director who had been sympathetic to minority, immigrant and learning disabled kids? What mysteriously happened to the asst. super? Have you paid attention to the revolving door of business managers? With all this turnover, Watertown faces daunting issues including a facilities mess in long-term (high school) and short-term planning, financial management dysfunction that required Town Hall intervention.

  4. I’m not joking. Special Ed come and go in all the towns. It’s a thankless and demanding job that has tremendous early burnout. The former asst supt was a dismal failure as a principal so they bumped her up to a job she had no business being in, hardly a loss. And the finance mgr? Having to work with the inept school committee and dictatorial town manager, c’mon, get real, who would want that lunacy? Don’t lay the blame on Fitzgerald. She inherited a lot of festering issues and probably did her best given the overwhelming politics and grave dysfunction in this town.

  5. I am sure she did her best but her best is too low a bar. By the way, you spouted off about these positions but didn’t explain why so many left or were forced out. Agree that the school committee has been failing for years.

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