LETTER: Resident Opposes Ballot Question to Raise Cap on Charter Schools

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The “yes” on charter Schools – Question 2 campaign has provided specious and untrue statements in their literature and TV and radio commercials. I am very concerned from what I hear first hand as I have been canvassing to vote NO on Question #2. People are confused and misled by the Yes Charter School misinformation.

I had lobbied the legislators to take the vote to keep the cap on charter schools. I believe it should not be a ballot question. The money spent by billionaires – 80% out of Massachusetts with YES ads for Charter schools is disgraceful. If only this money could be used in our public schools.

Charter schools are publicly funded with the local community having no authority to approve or monitor how they operate. The local community is required to pay for the busing cost as well. How do they choose who attends? At a recent meeting I talked with a women in a “yes” shirt. She told me she has three children – two in charter schools and the third will be attending soon.

Public schools are mandated to educate all children – the whole child – whatever their disabilities and needs. Charter schools have no mandate. They remove students at the rate of 40%. If the charter School ballot question prevails there could be more than the twelve each year that is proposed – with just 120 charter schools added in 10 years – public schools will close.

There are many empty chairs in charter schools despite the “yes” people claim. They claim children are waiting – what about the children in Boston waiting to get into a vocational school? There is only one vocational school in Boston – think of how many Boston youngsters not going to college. This one school cannot accommodate them. It is also in need of repair as so many of our public schools. Instead of money being diverted to charter schools, those funds could be used to update programs and fix this school. With the diverted money another vocational school could be built in Boston.

The diversion of public funds to charter schools affects the school building assistance program with so many schools in need. The charter schools keep chipping away at our public funding.

Think of the $400 million dollars citizens paid last year for these privatized charter schools. If this ballot question passes $100 million additional dollars will be added each year to charter schools. The vote “no” on Question #2 is fair. It does not close existing charter schools – it just caps them.

Please support our public schools by voting “NO.”


Thank you,
Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney

2 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Opposes Ballot Question to Raise Cap on Charter Schools

  1. For every dollar that is diverted to Charter Schools, the district receives $1.25 in return from the State.. So the School districts stand to make 25% on the deal.

    A No vote, simply protects the interest of the Teachers’ Union, who don’t believe they ought to compete. Competition is good. It will strengthen public schools. Moreover it will give children in failing public schools real options to get a better education.

    So if you really care about students, you’ll vote YES on Question #2 …. If you’re concerned with protecting big and corrupt labor union overlords, by all means vote yes.

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