13 thoughts on “LETTER: CPA Advocate Hitting the Streets to Spread His Message

  1. I hope that you will inform people of the negative impacts of the CPA TAX while you give them the Pro’s. Negatives like rents will probably go up for some, the financial impact on young homeowners with children and large expenses, what the CPA TAX exemption guidelines are and how their income is determined, and all of the 3 items they can deduct from their income limits to qualify for an exemption, that a school tax override is coming soon, and last but not least please don’t forget to tell them that they will have to provide copies of their federal and State income tax forms if they file for an exemption.
    With all of that I hope you have a nice walk

    • John, as I have said elsewhere, I believe the 2% CPA surcharge will not be a factor in driving up rents in Watertown. The market is the big driver in rising rents. Watertown is now more desirable and more people are aware of the advantages of living here. Landlords are not raising rents to recoup expenses, they are raising rents because they can get disturbingly increasing amounts quite easily, due to demand. The larger housing market in Eastern Massachusetts is the main driver in increasing rents across the region.

      Am I worried about affordability–you bet. I myself, am not well heeled. I work very, very hard for a living and it gets harder and harder to make ends meet. But I think that we must seek solutions other than rejecting the CPA, as that will not help renters one bit.

  2. I’d like to thank Mr. Fairbairn for his dedication and zeal. I strongly disagree with the cause he’s promoting and share the same concerns that Mr. Labadini mentioned, regarding outside interests trying to deceive Watertown residents into adopting a needless Tax-on-a-Tax. You have to ask: Who stands to gain from this and how much do there stand to gain? Nevertheless, I applaud Mr. Fairbairn for his service on the Conservation Commission and his willingness to step out of his comfort zone to knock on people’s doors. Hopefully someday he may do it for worthy cause.

    • So now there is some nefarious boogeyman outside of Watertown that stands to profit from the CPA? More and more these claims don’t appear to stand up to careful scrutiny. Outside interests? Special interests? Sounds like a lot of hooey to me.

      I think that the CPA funds will free up other funds in the town budget. And I also think that there will be plenty of public process about spending the funds. It seems to me that, given the development pressures on the town, it is a good time to act to preserve open space and historical assets.

  3. Joseph L. I did ask a serious question in another chain regarding why an outside organization like Metro West CD is involved in an issue impacting Watertowns citizens and how this organization is financed. I have no issue with Investinwatertown trying to get the CPA approved (although I do not agree with the CPA) but what is their link to Metro West? I guess that those in opposition to the CPA should have looked for one or two outside sponsor to assist us as well. This is a lesson I will remember in the future.
    I have some age and have always found that if you follow the money you can identify who will benefit from a policy or in this case a TAX.
    It is funny that no one ever answered this important question about Metro West which makes me even more suspicious.

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