3 thoughts on “No on 5: Concerned Homeowners, Watertown Strong Schools Oppose CPA

  1. The CPA State fund match is a farce. It has been at all-time lows in recent years and will be well below 35%. Call the CPA what it truly is, A TAX INCREASE! We don’t need more taxes on top of yearly Obamacare driven health insurance cost increases!

  2. The CPA brings additional funds to the communities that have adopted it. The longer communities wait to do so, the less they will get over time. Watertown has waited a long time to do this. So, while the reimbursement rate is about 28% now, it was much higher when fewer communities were taking part. Meanwhile, Watertown still pays 100% for Victory Field improvements, trail improvements along the Charles, playgrounds, dog parks, etc. The communities who jumped on this early have had a lot of money come to them to support improvements like these.

    Also, any additional funds for projects like these can be used to offset costs elsewhere such as for schools. So, even though the CPA funds won’t go directly to schools (but can help to improve playgrounds), they can indirectly help fund school construction projects. And on top of that, these funds can help create more affordable housing. It would be extremely short-sighted to not pass this ballot question.

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