2 thoughts on “LETTER: CPA Could Bring New Life to Old Buildings in Poor Shape

  1. HISTORY LESSON: The Parker School was sold in 1983 by the Town of Watertown. The Massachsetts State Legislature didn’t pass the Community Preservation Act until September 2000. To state that the Town of Watertown could have used CPA funds to update the Parker School is factually incorrect.
    SErIOUSLY, we should use CPA funds to make the Shick House a Bed & Breakfast? Or buy Walkers Pond to cap it and make it a park? And who needs new schools when we can keep the old buildings which are functionally obsolete, too small and falling apart. While we’re at it, scratch buying computers for students when they can use perfectly good IBM typewriters from 1960!!!

  2. Low income renters will not be exempt when their rent goes up due to the tax increase.

    Those applying for an exemption will have to undergo a financial colonoscopy at the hands of Town Hall workers, who know all your friends and enemies.

    Let’s be honest with the people.

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