One thought on “LETTER: Now is the Time to All Pitch in to Preserve, Improve Watertown

  1. Sure, tax most everyone, even those who can least afford it, and I do not mean those that are considered low or mid income, but those young families with children and large rents or mortgages and plenty of monthly bills that middle age folks no longer have. Do you really think that a new tax for nice to have things will solve our problems.
    I suggest that we prioritize our needs and with that thought the first priority is our schools, then you can prioritize our other needs and fund them with our current revenues. As far as affordable housing the town just raised the number of affordable houses/apartments that developers must include in their mid to large sized developments, and with all of the development going on that should help to make a good sized dent. Just how much affordable or low income housing is needed. We all want to do the right thing regarding affordable housing but do we make our goal 10, 20, 30 40, or 50% of our housing stock as affordable housing ?
    Again prioritization is the key to getting things accomplished on time and within the towns budget.

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