3 thoughts on “LETTER: Watertown Has Lost Out on CPA Money Since Rejecting It in 2005

  1. Excellent letter, Tia. Thank you. I think this captures well the benefits of voting yes for CPA. The projects that would be funded are not “special interest” — any more than the town’s schools are a “special interest”. You do a good job explaining how having had CPA funds for projects that the town widely supported since 2005 would have released funds for other projects we all value. I hate to see the debate dividing along lines of “my primary interest versus your “pet project””. Nobody wants to invest in trivial projects. The town has lots of needs, some of which CPA can help with, and we should take advantage of the opportunity.

  2. Excellent comments. Especially thoughtful are those that explain how we could have spent $12-15 million of our own tax payments directly in Watertown had we only passed the CPA as 161 cities and towns have done already. Decisions about expenditures are made locally. What a great way to invest in Watertown. Turn your ballot over and vote YES on Question 5.

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