Forum This Week on the Opiates Epidemic in Watertown Features Katherine Clark

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The (Watertown Access to Treatment, Educations and Resources) Task Force on Substance Use Disorder announced a November educational and informational forum entitled “Together We Can…Erase the Stigma.”

The Task Force released the following announcement:

This forum features U.S. Representative Katherine Clark as the keynote speaker and sponsor of two bills aimed at reducing the amount of unused and unwanted pain medications fueling the opioid epidemic and ensuring safe care plans for families with infants suffering from opioid exposure, which were passed unanimously by the House. Joining Congresswoman Clark will be noted experts on opioid use, the effects of prescription and other opioids on the brain, and the effects that addiction, treatment and recovery have on family and friends. Attendees will learn about the local and national response to this public health epidemic, what can be done to prevent substance use disorder, and the resources that are available in Watertown.

We are pleased to also feature Dr. Laura Kehoe from Massachusetts General Hospital with her very informative presentation of how opioids affect the brain, Rhonda Lotti, a dedicated and loving parent who has experienced substance use disorder in her family, and Jeff Hatch, a former NFL player who has also experienced substance use disorder and has dedicated his life to helping others fight this disease.

The Watertown Middle School located at 68 Waverley Avenue offers ample space for this forum and we hope to attract parents of all age groups, as well as all other members of the community. This issue affects everyone – seniors who have pain medication in their medicine cabinets, parents of school aged and older children, athletes and others susceptible to injury, and those wishing to help in their communities, both in and around Watertown.

We hope to send the message that Watertown cares and offers support to all. Among the resources being offered are educational materials for parents on alcohol and drug prevention, as well as treatment and recovery resources, Narcan vouchers, and other related information. Please join us on Thursday, Nov. 17 at the Watertown Middle School for light refreshments before the event at 7:30 p.m.

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