LETTER: People Need to Pay Attention to What Town Government Does

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You the voters can stop the extensive proposed plans for the Town. Many believe there are negative consequences. 

Pay very close attention to the actions of your Town Councilors. Will they protect our Town? Who will serve your interests? Many changes have taken place in our Town. More changes are proposed. Some will cancel the changes that previous Councils passed. Are these changes in your best interest? You the tax payer will pay for it all.

Some councilors don’t seem to understand, or want to understand, that there is a cost to everything and that we, the taxpayers, will be forced to pay for their decisions.

Those of us who are concerned believe there are negative consequences. You need to either come to Council meetings, or watch the Council meetings on TV.

Pay attention. Does your Councilor protect your needs and rights rather than attempting to enrich their importance with other groups who don’t seem to pay attention to the costs of what they want?

In other words, we must find candidates who pay attention to all the citizens of the Town, not just the special few.

I suggest you call, write, email your representative, ask questions, address our concerns. Changes start with you, the Taxpayers. You need to be involved. Pay attention. It’s your money.


Pat Gold
Duff Street

{NOTE: This was first read by Pat Gold during Public Forum at the Feb. 14, 2017 Town Council Meeting.}

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