Watertown Community Foundation’s Affirms its Mission to Serve a Diverse Town

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The Watertown Community Foundation released the following statement. 

Watertown thrives as a community because of the people who have come to it, for 387 years, from all corners of the world. Within the town’s small geographic footprint is an incredible diversity of cultures, heritages, and languages, each contributing to the strength and richness of our town. The mission of the Watertown Community Foundation is to build and sustain a vibrant, close-knit community in Watertown, Massachusetts — now and for future generations. We are proud to support the role of every member of this community, new or old, regardless of where they have come from, what languages they speak, how they worship, or who they love. Watertown Community Foundation: Here for good. And here for all.

The Watertown Community Foundation, a public, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, works to build and sustain a vibrant, close-knit community in Watertown – now, and for future generations. To accomplish this, WCF raises funds from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations; awards grants to non-profits and community projects; and builds networks of donors, grantees, program participants, and stakeholders.

Since its inception in 2003, WCF has awarded over $775,000 in grants to programs and organizations serving the residents of Watertown. Persons interested in supporting WCF should contact Cathy Berkley, Executive Director, at 617-926-1500 or at info@watertownfoundation.org.

WCF Board of Directors: David Siegel and Darshna Varia, Co-Presidents; Thea Sahr, Vice President; William B. Ford, Treasurer; Robert Airasian; Emily Barclay; Andrew Bundy; Eleanor Donato; Robert Kelly; Eliza Petrow; Lora Sabin; Robert Shay; Michael Ward; Kathryn White. For additional information, visit WCF’s website: http://www.watertownfoundation.org

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