3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hearing Planned for Project to Improve Streets Around Hosmer School

  1. What a good idea to look at the pedestrian (and auto) approaches to school–in this case the Hosmer. Wouldn’t it be great if a Transportation Planning expert consultant took a look at all of our schools and the sidewalks and streets that connect them (or should) and give us a town wide assessment? Our Town Council more than a year ago agreed that the piecemeal approach to transportation planning was insufficient and they allocated funds to be spent on transportation. At the same time the Council nixed the idea of a Moratorium that would give time for over-all planning. The citizen activists behind the move were led to believe that a Transportation Planner consultant was included with funds for developer shuttles. However, we haven’t seen a town wide approach although developments are giving their abutting traffic lights a tune up and corridor decisions and safe routes to school ideas are being sought. But what we need is to put into practice the fact that Planning has to come before Zoning and that we need a town wide assessment of what is and what could be before all these piecemeal decisions about traffic are made.

  2. Great, another town inspired brainstorm that’s an unnecessary fix for a problem that doesn’t exist (other than imaginary ones).

    If anything, this will make present conditions worse and increase the likelihood of accidents by tightening the flow of traffic (which was oftentimes frustrating when my child attended Hosmer), especially during the winter months and the snowbanks edge closer to the street.

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