DPW Hosting Styrofoam Recycling Event, Not All Items Will be Taken

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Recycle your Styrofoam at the special DPW event.

Recycle your Styrofoam at the special DPW event.

Once again, the Watertown Department of Public Works will host a styrofoam recycling event, but there are some changes to what types of styrofoam will be accepted.

The DPW put out the following announcement:

Significant Changes in the Collection of Styrofoam! Most polystyrene products are currently not recycled due to the lack of incentive to invest in the compactors and logistical systems required. Due to the low density of polystyrene foam, it is not economical to collect. However, if the waste material goes through an initial compaction process, the material changes density and becomes a recyclable commodity of high value for producers of recycled plastic pellets.

What is acceptable and will be collected at the Recycle Event on May 6, 2017 are clamshells, packing foam, styrofoam coolers and food trays (white only). Remember … styrofoam of any kind is not collected at the curb.

CLAMSHELLS are a one-piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge allowing the structure to open and close.

FOOD TRAYS – Clean and white food trays only – no colors!!


PACKING FOAM – (Expanded Polystyrene) coolers, material surrounding appliances, TV’s, etc.


UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCTS: No peanuts! No colored food trays!

Recycle Event will be held on May 6., at the Recycle Center from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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