Iconic Business Woman Yolanda Taking Part in This Year’s Relay for Life

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Waltham resident and iconic Boston-area businesswoman Yolanda Cellucci will participate in Relay For Life of Watertown, Newton, Waltham this coming Saturday, the American Cancer Society announced. While she’s always supported the work of the American Cancer Society, now her motivation is a near and dear source – her daughter.

Celucci’s daughter Linda Petrosian, 57, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer three years ago and has endured a “terrible” surgery that removed a mass in her throat, chemotherapy and radiation. She’s still scheduled to go through 10 months of treatment. She’s plagued with a horrible cough and sickness, but she still stays active; a strong network of friends and family have helped her get through it, Celucci said.

“She’s very brave and very positive,” said Celucci whose Relay For Life Team Our Girl Linda, plans to have a tent, pizza and cold drinks at the event. “She’s always been a healthy, vibrant young lady. She’ll stay at the Relay event until she gets tired.”

Celucci’s connection to the American Cancer Society began around 1975, when she was opening she second bridal store and at the time her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. In fact, the store’s grand opening with Boston’s celebrities, politicians, organizations and neighbors included a $50 entrance fee that was donated to the Society.

“It touches every family. It doesn’t discriminate,” said Celucci. “I’m thrilled to thank (ACS) and all that’s going with research and with volunteers.” 

Relay For Life of Watertown, Newton, Waltham will be held on Saturday, June 10 at Victory Field, 35 Orchard St., Watertown, Opening ceremonies begin at 5 p.m.

Find out more at www.RelayForLife.org/WNWMA and www.facebook.com/WNWRelay

5 thoughts on “Iconic Business Woman Yolanda Taking Part in This Year’s Relay for Life

  1. So sorry to hear about Yolanda’s daughter. Wish I lived closer, I’d be there in a heartbeat! Our first home on Upton Road, was around the corner from “Yolanda’s.” We used to love driving past her shop on the way home.
    Deborah Boyajian

  2. Yolanda, this “Relay for Life Team our Girl Linda” is going to be a wonderful event. I am going to be there with my donation. I hope everybody comes and makes a large donation so that Linda (a beautiful and wonderful girl) will conquer this terrible disease.

    Yes, Yolanda, you are the iconic Business Woman and always has been a very charitable and giving person. God Bless You and Linda.

  3. Yolanda….. I feel horrible to miss this, I have the MFA Gala on the 10th and I’m a guest of someone’s so I can’t change it…

    But sending love and wishing you all a beautiful day !! XO

  4. Hi Yolanda,
    I somehow over looked this Walk For Cancer Event not knowing
    anyone could attend and make a donation. What a great Mom and I am sure it was a success! I think of Linda often so please let me know if there is anything I can do at all to help with any other fund raising or in any way at all! I miss you both

  5. Your beautiful daughter wore my one of a kind wedding gowns on many fashionable wedding events. Beautiful, elegant, graceful, kind, so blessed to have called her my friend. My heartfelt sympathies are with you.

    Michelle Fairbanks (MICHELLES)

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