Hatch Maker Space Moving to New Home, Welcomes New Coordinator

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Watertown Free Public Library

Residents create items at Hatch, such as clothing using the maker space's sewing machine.

Watertown Free Public Library

Residents create items at Hatch, such as clothing using the maker space’s sewing machine.

On Thursday, July 27 Hatch will close its doors at the Arsenal Yards for the last time and prepare to make a move to its new home at The Residence at Watertown Square on 20 Summer St., Watertown Free Public Library officials announced.

Located in the Arsenal Yards, Hatch has operated out of a retail space leased to them free of charge for the past three years.

Of the time there, Assistant Library Director Caitlin Browne said, “We have been so grateful for the generosity Wilder Properties has extended to us. The fact that we have been able to run Hatch with almost no overhead means that the majority of our resources are going right to the community and we’ve kept Hatch a free space to users with few exceptions. We can’t thank the staff of the Arsenal Yards enough for all of the help they’ve given us over the past three years, especially General Manager Allyson Reed and Facilities Manager Ruben Olivo.”

Similar to the arrangement with the Arsenal Yards, the Residence at Watertown Square will also offer Hatch a retail space rent free. This new space, located street level at the Assisted Living facility, offers slightly more square footage and an open layout which the Hatch team thinks will create a better workspace for Watertown’s makers. Browne says they are “optimistic we’ll be able to re-open Hatch at the Summer Street location on Monday, August 7.”

Watertown Free Public Library

Watertown residents of all ages can take part in free classes at the Hatch maker space, which is moving to a new home.

Leading the move will be the new Hatch Coordinator, Liz Helfer. Ms. Helfer, a professional metal worker, joins the Hatch team following her employment as a Metal and Wood Shop technician at Harvard. This is a new role for the library having only been approved by Town Council in June. Browne says she is “thrilled to have a full time position to lead Hatch into its next phase. We’ve proven that Hatch is a well- loved addition to this community and we’re ready to have someone give the space, volunteers, and users the attention that they need.” Helfer assumes her role on July 27.

About Hatch

HATCH is a makerspace developed and run by the Watertown Free Public Library. A makerspace is a public workshop where users can take advantage of various equipment and technologies that they may not otherwise have available to them. Hatch, like the library, is free and open to all users.

About the Watertown Free Public Library

The Watertown Free Public Library provides access to a wide variety of popular materials, resources, services, and programs that fulfill the informational, cultural and recreational needs of Watertown and surrounding communities. The WFPL works to create an environment that attracts and welcomes users of all ages and abilities.

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