5 thoughts on “Changes on Common Street Will Help Cyclists, Bike Path Planned on Marshall Street

  1. OMG! Seriously people. Just have the bike lane come up on the sidewalk at the end of common as you head toward Mt Auburn St. Sharing the sidewalk from time to time should not be any stranger than sharing the road.
    Also – it is not an improvement to change the intersection of spring and Common st. It works just fine as it is.
    Money wasted. When are we on Fayette St. going to get our road lowered to it’s original and proper level at the intersection of Winter St.and then some real sidewalks?
    I have been waiting for over 30 Years!!! for decent sidewalk in front of my house.

      • Bicyclists that ride their bikes thru the crosswalks should get pulled over and be issued a citation. If they have a drivers license it should count as a moving violation (they are riding vehicles; they aren’t pedestrians). They are supposed to follow the rules of the road including stopping at red lights. I almost got knocked over last week stepping into a crosswalk when someone driving their vehicle (bicycle) decided to fly through the Red Light as if he was a pedestrian. If you want to ignore the red light and instead utilize the walk signal and crosswalk then get off your bike and walk it across the crosswalk like you were taught as a kid. Of course the reality is that it would be safer if we changed the rules so that bikes stayed on the sidewalk going with the traffic and pedestrians walked against the traffic. Bicyclists are more likely to get killed when hit by a car than a pedestrian when hit by a bike.

  2. Glad to hear that Watertown officials are forward-thinking about bike transportation. It’s a long, hard shift to get more people to use bikes, including me; but making it easier, safer, more visible, and more fun is key. Kind of a chicken-and-egg thing, or build it and they will come.

  3. So happy our tax dollars are going to the cyclists !!! They get their own paths which are beautiful , usually very scenic with no potholes..they pop up everywhere out of the blue so automobile drivers have to struggle! Cyclists have the right away no matter what … just come close to even bumping one ….(you’ll see what nice people they are ) they have free parking and the don’t pay any insurance for all the benefits that are given to them . If they cause an accident .. it’s never their fault .. There’s nothing wrong with this country .

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