LETTER: Questions About New Position on Traffic Commission

By Linda ScottWatertown Resident

Democracy?  I know you’re out there somewhere…

This is not a letter that I could even imagine having to write, but here goes. When I looked at Tuesday night’s agenda for the City Council meeting, I noticed an unusual item. Then I started getting phone calls. Other people were curious about this item as well. So I got curious. Why would there be a sudden change to the structure of the Traffic Commission without any visible input from them?

Watertown Looking at Closing “Little Greenough” on Weekends for Recreation

A screenshot of a Google Map showing the section of Greenough Boulevard that Town officials are looking at closing on weekends. A Town Council Subcommittee supported the idea of doing a pilot program to close a portion of Greenough Boulevards to traffic on weekends during parts of the year, similar to Memorial Drive in Cambridge. The section of the roadway, sometimes called Little Greenough, runs between North Beacon and Arsenal streets, and provides a link between the two thoroughfares. On Dec. 10, the Committee on Economic Development and Planning voted to recommend that the full Council request that the state do a pilot study of closing the road on the weekends during the spring, summer and fall, and examine the impact on traffic.

Watertown Moves Bike Event Happening This Sunday Along the Charles

Live Well Watertown, the Watertown Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and Bay State Bike Week will host a special bicycle event along the shores of the Charles River. The event was rescheduled from last Sunday due to rain. The Watertown Moves Bike Event will be on Sunday, May 21, 2017, from 2-4 p.m. at the Watertown Square Dock (at the Galen St. Bridge on the Charles River). The groups sent out the following announcement:

Dig your bike out of the basement, garage, or shed and bring it down for a free check-up and get some bike safety tips from Commonwheels friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Celebrate the New Charles River Path, Park & Join a Guided Walk or Bike Ride

Come out to see the improved Charles River Path, the new park along the river, and join in a guided walk or bike ride around the area or just enjoy the park and play some games. 

The event will be on Sunday, Oct. 2, from 10 a.m. t0 1 p.m., and is part of Watertown Moves. The event is sponsored by Live Well Watertown and the Watertown Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, and co-sponsored by Livable Watertown. The activities will be held a the newly refurbished Watertown Riverfront Park, featuring the Braille Trail, on Charles River Road at Irving Street (see the map below). Knucklebones will be at the park to facilitate games and group activities.