9 thoughts on “Phase 3 of Arsenal Yards Includes Residential, Retail and a Garage

  1. Between looking at the example rendering and the site blueprints, things are not matching up. The rendering makes it look like there will be a lot of landscape and green space. But the site blueprints is all buildings and parking spaces. I can’t even place where the above rendering fits in.

    • The building would be on the far left side of the bottom illustration, the second from top. It is Building F vut that can be hard to read. There is a link for the plans in the story which should give you a better idea. The document takes a little while to load.

    • That may be Arsenal park which is having design input in 15th for the public. No plans are in place only some ideas so please come down to the meeting with ideas about what improvements or creative ideas you may want to see here. I would love to see the existing fields made safe and leveled. I would also like to see a bocci court, keep some of the items that are there with improvements or possibly put a small open space field to play on near building F

    • The large green space in the picture at the top of the article is the developer’s vision of what should happen to the area of Arsenal Park where there is currently Tennis Courts and a Practice Wall. It is not in the blueprints because it is not actually part of the Arsenal Yards property. The meeting to discuss what should happen to Arsenal Park is next week on Tuesday the 15th from 6:30-8:30 at the Library.

  2. Anyone following the news knows that there has been some recent turmoil at athenahealth. The board is pulling back on Bush’s responsibilities and this whole Arsenal Project is his personal vision. On top of that, the company wants to cut 100 million in expenses. I’m beginning to wonder if this whole project might be scaled back or eliminated altogether, outside of the changes that impact the athenahealth offices itself.

  3. True Charlie. But this whole rebuild is not so much the company but Bush’s dream. If he has his powers trimmed or, is pushed aside, why would “the company” want to become involved in a project that is quite outside it’s expertise and business interests. There is definitely a power struggle as athenahealth becomes a mature company, rather than a brash startup. Watertown should pay very close attention to this or the whole Arsenal project could dissolve into an unfulfilled promise.

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