LETTER: Town Councilor At-Large Candidate Seeks to Continue Serving the Community


To the Editor:

Whether you have lived here your whole life, you moved here years ago or you are new to town, I think we can all agree that Watertown is a special place. 

Growing up, my parents were always very involved in Watertown with organizations such as the PTO, youth sports and events such as the town-wide raffle. At an early age, they instilled in me and my siblings the importance of giving back to the community. I can remember countless Sunday mornings cleaning up the Watertown Boys and Girls Club after Saturday night bingo to help support Watertown Youth Soccer.

I attended kindergarten at the Hosmer School and completed my elementary school education at the Cunniff School. After finishing eighth grade at the Watertown Middle School, I attended Boston College High School before graduating from Wake Forest University. I then returned to Watertown and attended Suffolk University Law School where I met my wife, Kelly.

After passing the bar examination, I joined my father’s general law practice in Brighton where I have worked for the past 12 years. As I began my career as an attorney, I sought out opportunities to give back to our community, which initially led me to the Rotary Club of Watertown. I have been on the Board of the Rotary Club for the past decade and served two terms as President. I currently serve as the Sergeant-at-Arms and the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

My work with the Rotary Club allowed me to reconnect with the Watertown Boys and Girls Club where I have been a member of the Board since 2012. I currently serve as the 2nd Vice-President, Chair of the Governance Committee and I am a member of the Finance Committee.

I also served on the Finance Committee at St. Luke Parish for 6 years and am a Trustee of the Lt. Paul J. Sullivan Scholarship Fund.

My involvement with these organizations has introduced me to so many great people who selflessly give their time and talents to the youth and other important causes in Watertown.

My work with these wonderful organizations and people has strengthened my commitment to Watertown and inspired me to run for Town Council.  Quite simply, I am running for Town Council because I love Watertown and could never imagine living anywhere else. I care deeply about its future and share many of the same concerns as most of you: economic development, affordability and the future of public school education.

Watertown has changed a lot since my childhood, but one thing that has remained constant is a passionate and engaged citizenry that cares about the future and addressing the challenges we face today as a town.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with as many of you as possible in the upcoming months and am open to and encourage your input and ideas.

I feel blessed to be from and continue to live in Watertown. I will work hard to gain your support and your vote. I would be honored and grateful to serve as a Councilor-at- Large.


Very Truly Yours,
Anthony J. Donato
Arden Road

5 thoughts on “LETTER: Town Councilor At-Large Candidate Seeks to Continue Serving the Community

  1. Watertown will be a better place with you as a councilor. Thank you for caring about this town so passionately. You will do an amazing job, just as you have with all your other community efforts. Count on our support. Jim and Donna Swift

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