Find Out About Workshops, Volunteering at Watertown Cable Access

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Watertown Cable Access Corp. (WCA-TV) will be having an open house on Wednesday, October 25th from 6 pm to 9 pm. Residents of Watertown are invited to come check out Watertown’s own cable access station to take a tour of the studio and learn about workshops and volunteer opportunities, WCA-TV announced.

Interested in getting involved in Watertown’s only cable news program? Our news crew will have a “pop up newsroom” where you can pitch story ideas or find out how to get involved with Watertown Weekly News.

The WCA-TV staff will be on hand to answer questions about workshops, programming, volunteering, internships, and any other inquiries you may have. We encourage everyone in the Watertown community to get involved at WCA-TV, so come learn what we’re all about!

There will catering provided by Russo’s.

About WCA-TV

Since 2005, Watertown Cable Access Corp. (WCA-TV) has been Watertown’s Public, Education, & Government Access (PEG) station. Our mission is to provide local cable access to the residents of Watertown, MA.

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