Support the Watertown Youth Coalition Peer Leaders and Enter to Win $5K for a Vacation

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A raffle is being held by the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network and you can enter to win and also support the Watertown Youth Coalition Peer Leaders – a group that works to reduce alcohol and drug use by teens.

The Watertown Youth Coalition sent out the following information:

You could still win the $5KGetaway Raffle, but only if you buy a ticket and try your luck today! $5 for 1 ticket, $20 for 5 tickets and you could win a $5,000 voucher for a vacation to the destination(s) of your choice!

Put “Watertown Youth Coalition Peer Leaders” under “I want my raffle fee to support the following individual or team” and 100% of funds will support the WYC Peer Leadership Program! Buy online today by clicking here

Or make a tax-deductible donation directly to the team. Any contribution is appreciated and will help the WYC Peer Leaders with their efforts this year! Join us and give now by clicking here

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