9 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Explains Why He Will Vote for Anthony Donato for Council

  1. William McQuillan is one of his campaign sponsors for $500. What does this mean for any votes as a councilor or his wife as a zoning member.

    • If you live in a glass house be careful when you throw stones.
      Just who provided the money and or resources for one of your favorite ballot questions titled “CPA” on our last election? Two out of town organizations provided quite a bit of it? I am just waiting for one of those two organizations to start doing some work for Watertown’s CPA projects once they start collecting the added CPA tax(I think they call this payback, but I call it disgusting).

  2. Anthony Donato is will make an excellent Town Councilor-At-Large. He is level headed and very mainstream in his views. He comes across as person that considers issues on their merits and seeks to build a consensus.

    I first met Anthony and his then Fiance Kelly, when Kelly joined the RCIA program at St. Patrick’s Parish, as she was seeking to enter the Catholic Church prior to the wedding.

    During those RCIA sessions, I really got to know them in profound way. You might imagine, the discussions that occur get very personal. You get to know a persons character, meeting them with them every week for over 6 months.

    I was extremely impressed with the level of personal integrity and deep convictions they both had. They always talked about the need to give and the need to give back, whether it was in the Parish setting or the community at large.

    The Town Council, needs a sober, deliberate, and pensive voice to focus on local issues and challenges we face. I’m thrilled that Anthony is chose to make this sacrifice to serve us. I look forward to his representing us on the Town Council.

  3. Charlie,
    Do you know where we can find the campaign finance reports for Watertown? I’d be interested to see where the money is coming from.

  4. Ahh..the Prince of Darkness, “H20Homeowner” is back…I’m sure you”ll indeed look to see where ALL the money is coming from, which would include donations from InvestInWatertown Progressive Watertown, Watertown Citizens for Peace justice and the environment etc. Like the CPA money that poured into our 4 square mile from California and Delaware and the group from Newton who did the door knocking for you

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