5 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Shares Who He Will Support in the Watertown Election

  1. Richard, please, enough with your endorsements. Given your stance as being a progressive, some of your choices are curious.

    John Portz is a steadying influence? You are joking, no? John does what he is told. John sat idly by and let a group of parents, including 2 Committee members, drive the previous Superintendent, and several administrators out of town. Lily Read led that group and David Stokes was part of it as well, did you forget? If they are elected, will we see more of the same behavior? Who’s next?

    You also owe Liz Yusem and Amy Donahue an apology for your comments – it sounds like you made the decision via coin toss rather than doing any research.

    Tony Polumba is a visionary – since when? He changes position With the wind and is always ready to take up the issue of the moment.

    Please – if you want to support your friends, just say so, just do your research before publishing it.

    • Maybe you ought to do your research, Chelain, and spell Tony Palomba’s name correctly. At least Mr. Marcus signed his name to his endorsement. It is too easy to post a hatchet job under a screen name.

    • Please note that no one person can ‘drive a superitedent out’ without good reason. I personally had confidence in her and hoped that she would be a good superintendent at the beginning. Over the years, with multiple instances occurring, caused my confidence to erode. It was her years of inadequacies which produced her outcome. The School committee, as a whole, over those years, did not address these issues. Parents were done with the inadequacies and created a petition of no confidence.

  2. Richard, thank you for this very helpful post. I admit, it has been a challenge to educate myself on the candidates as there are so many new faces and your input is very helpful. Still, an abundance of choice is a good thing to have: I am very heartened that there are so many people willing to do this important civic duty of standing for office.

  3. Rich- Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Town Council election. However, I’m sure you did NOT intend to imply that there are only three At-Large Town Councilor positions being elected. The fact is we are electing FOUR AT-LARGE TOWN COUNCILOR’S on Election Day, Tuesday November 7th.

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