Watertown Gallery’s New Show Features Work of Three Artists, Multiple Mediums

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Wendy Seller's "Two Selves" will be on display at Watertown's Room 83 Spring gallery.

Wendy Seller’s “Two Selves” will be on display at Watertown’s Room 83 Spring gallery.

Room 83 Spring is pleased to present Border Realms featuring installations and assemblages by Lisa Olson, mixed-media sculpture by Amy Podmore, digital paintings by Wendy Seller.

These three artists work with  images of the body and metaphor to capture and describe surreal situations and narratives.

Lisa Olson’s “Child Keeper” series navigates danger. It is part of the show at Room 83 Spring.

Lisa Olson’ Child Keeper series navigates danger. Letterpress descriptions and reliquary objects of un-named and head-redacted orphans are arranged into a black, white and sepia installation. It is a spookily realistic fiction.

“Level Best” by Amy Podmore is one of the pieces featured in the Border Realms exhibit starting Nov. 11.

Amy Podmore prods at questions about immobility and implied gesture. She captures poignant moments of existence experienced in a complicated and ineffable manner. Shifting Between First and Fourth Position is a sculpture of delicate legs and  crutches held together by a pastiche of sheet music. You can see the legs shifting with implied movement from ballet’s fourth position to first. Her Level Best is a large plaster human vessel. With bent legs, it seems about to pour.

Wendy Seller’s digital painting process is like puzzle building. One component is stitched to another to complete a greater whole.  In Two Selves,  the metaphorical, female figures she creates make little reference to time, place or ethnicity, but they look convincingly like pensive characters from familiar Renaissance paintings and Shakespeare plays.

Show dates: November 11 to December 23

Reception: Saturday, November 11, 4 – 6

Gallery Hours: Thursdays and Saturdays 1 – 4

And always by appointment.

Room 83 Spring is located at 83 Spring St. in Watertown. Find out mroe at www.room83spring.com


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