Discussion About a Possible Re-Trial of the Boston Marathon Bomber at the Library

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The public is invited to a lecture and discussion called “New Thoughts On The Boston Marathon Bombing.” The author of a new book that examines a possible re-trial of the Boston Marathon Bomber as his likely appeal on the horizon.

Organizers sent out the following information (Note: this event is not sponsored by the Watertown Library. The organizers have reserved the space at the library as is open to all any community group):

January 23 Lecture at Watertown Library: “The Tsarnaev Trial – Anomalies for the Appeal”

There will be a lecture at the Watertown Public Library on Tuesday, January 23 at 6pm. The speaker is Dr. Mary W. Maxwell, author of a new book entitled “Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players.”

Almost 5 years after the 2013 Marathon bombing, people are making an effort to set the legal record straight. A student at UMass, Dartmouth, Dzhokhar (“Jahar”) Tsarnaev, was convicted of the crime. He is now on Death Row in federal Supermax prison. His case has reached the appeals level in the federal court, in Boston. The result of the appeal could be an affirmation of his conviction, an acquittal, or an order for a new trial.

Dr. Maxwell is going to give a talk about the case on January 23 at the Watertown Public Library, at 6 p.m. For the purpose of this presentation, she will hypothesize that a decision has been made to hold a re-trial and will assume the role of the Defense Attorney for Tsarnaev in that re-trial. In doing so, Dr. Maxwell will point to significant flaws in the evidence concerning Jahar’s participation in the killing of an MIT policeman, Sean Collier, and the carjacking of Northeastern student, Dun Meng.

Dr. Maxwell has a PhD in Politics and a Law degree, both from the University of Adelaide, Australia. She was born and raised in Boston and has a Bachelor’s degree from Emmanuel College. In addition to her new book on the Marathon Bombing, she is the author of “Prosecution for Treason” (2011) and “Fraud Upon the Court” (2015). Last year she produced a play in Australia called “A Moot Court for Martin Bryant” in which she gave the convicted killer a voice for the first time in 20 years, as he had not had a trial.

The lecture at the Watertown Public Library, 123 Main St. Watertown, is free and all are welcome, on January 23 at 6 p.m.

44 thoughts on “Discussion About a Possible Re-Trial of the Boston Marathon Bomber at the Library

  1. since the video of the event will be livesteamed, please come early and be in your seat before 6:00pm so as not to disturb the video production. for those that cannot be there, the stream and subsequent archive will be at 911TV.org starting at 6:00pm, tuesday 23 january 2018

    • Please make sure you post signage at the door that people entering will be recorded so they can make an informed decision as to whether they want their likeness recorded by stepping through the doors. I know I wouldn’t want to be recorded at such an event given the volatile nature of this debate in this town in particular, and on a site of such questionable veracity.

  2. Hello, I am just looking for some clarity on what this entails? From some of the videos and articles I have seen it appears that Dr. Maxwell is a conspiracy theorist and is trying to affirm the younger Tsarnaev’s innocence in his role during the Marathon Bombing and particularly the events that happened in Watertown that night. If this is the case I think it would be extremely inappropriate to be holding a lecture of this type in the Watertown Library; as well as extremely disrespectful to the Collier family. Could you please let us know what exactly this is about?

    • Steve R,I recommend very much that you look up on Paul Craig Roberts under Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and read all the reports there through! Then please down load the PDF of Mary Maxwells book: “Marathon Bombing; indicting the players!” Thank you!

      • I’m sorry, this is exactly what I feared. Taken directly from the site referenced “The video of the man showing no trauma whose leg is purported to be blown away being wheeled down the street sitting upright in a wheelchair is a dead giveaway as to the presence of crisis actors. Any such casualty mishandled in such a way would have quickly bled to death.” The Watertown Library is not the venue for this to be held! How was this authorized??? Many of us were directly involved with the events that happened in Watertown that night……and for folks that had no involvement to come to the town and spout conspiracist nonsense is a gross slap to the face for Watertown residents.

  3. There will not be any conspiracy theory in my talk, not a skerrick.
    Of course it will be totally respectful of the late Officer Collier.
    I am grateful to the library for the chance to publicly analyze the transcripts of the Tsarnaev trial. No harm can come from this, rather the opposite!
    Hope to see you there and hear your point of view, too. — MM

  4. “No harm can come from this” ?? Respectfully, according to whom. I don’t believe any of us should hold ourselves out as an arbiter of what can, and can’t cause harm, from this event. They didn’t film scenes in Watertown because of potential “harm” to people having to re-live what many described as a “nightmare”. I’m hoping you’re neither naive or obtuse to all human emotions.

  5. I am very interested in hearing this lady’s presentation.
    Those who are triggered by alternative points of view should simply not attend.
    No censorship, please. We can handle this.
    Watertown Strong.

    • Triggered? A nine year old boy died because of that convicted murderer. It’s called respect. No one is questioning the right for them to spout these nonsense theories, but the choice of location is extremely disrespectful and distasteful. It should be held in another town!

  6. I see nothing wrong with someone analyzing court transcripts, in particular a professional with a law degree. Why are people so up in arms about this? There are multiple cases of the government being untruthful to the public (operation fast and furious, the weapons of mass destruction story being just two examples, the lies told to drag the U.S. into the Vietman and Gulf wars being two more). There is nothing wrong with questioning a government that is known to lie. I commend Dr. Maxwell for taking on the difficult task of going through these court transcripts and identifying flaws. Truth does not fear investigation. If anything, we owe it to those injured and hurt by this event to have a full and unbiased investigation.

  7. I agree with Carol’s comment. Not only does the U.S. Government have a record of being untruthful, the court system does as well, the following being just a few examples:

    The deliberate falsification of drug test results in a Central Mass lab:
    Corrupt Penn. Judges Admit Jailing Kids For Cash Kickback Scheme.
    The large # of people wrongfully convicted by the U.S. legal system:
    The NYPD Officer Who Blew The Whistle On Police Corruption (aired on WBUR, Sept 2013)
    FBI sting operations

    Keep in mind, corruption is not a theory. It happens on a large scale, much larger than people realize.

  8. Again, this is not any type of censorship or political agenda……. it is the choice of using the Watertown Library as venue for this “analysis”. It could have been held in any other town, but Watertown was chosen. Using Watertown as the venue for this type of discussion is, at best, inconsiderate to those of us that were involved the night of April 19th.

  9. There was no reason for 2000 or more police, FBI and other enforcers of the law to swarm into Watertown and shoot their guns off with no control. It the officers of the law that caused the fear. A boy who did not even stand trial and found guilty was shot at 200 plus times. I believe when he left the car he was bleeding and that he could have been found with just one dog. It is the concern of the whole country and especially of Mass citizens to know what happened in Boston. It is not disrespectful to want to know the truth. This Country is free because of the brave speaking out.

  10. Officers of the law caused the fear??? These were terrorists! At its simplest definition what does a terrorist do??? Tragically, Krystal Campbell, Lu Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier were murdered by this “boy”!

  11. The Tsarnaev trial had all the signs of a kangaroo trial (one that exhibits prejudicial bias and violates recognized standards of law). The prosecution was intent on finding Jahar guilty and ignored evidence that he was not. There are many cases in the U.S. of forced confessions under duress. A study by the Innocence Project showed that more than 25% of those wrongfully convicted and later exonerated had made false confessions.

    I recommend that everyone interested in learning the truth about this issue watch online the presentation given by Dr. Maxwell. It’s available at the following link:

    The people of Watertown owe it to themselves to know the truth.


    • “The prosecution was intent on finding Jahar guilty “. Uhh, isn’t that what prosecutors are supposed to do? This murderer wrote his confession on the walls of the boat! He apologized, in court, to the victims families. It is an insult to the victims, the victims families, and everyone hurt by the events of the bombing and the aftermath in Cambridge and Watertown to promote these half baked conspiracy theories.

  12. The boat confession is highly suspicious for several reasons. I will list just two here:
    1. It would be impossible for someone lying injured in a boat, without light, to have written such a neat, linear note. In addition, the pencil shown as “evidence” at the trial had a very sharp point which would be impossible had it been used in this manner. I recommend everyone interested in learning the truth to take a brief look at the two photos at pointer 32:00 of the presentation given by Dr. Maxwell to see this for themselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilxGeCxMHLQ
    This clearly shows the note and pencil for what they were – manufactured evidence. The FBI and the police both have proven track records for using such tactics. This is not theory, it is fact.
    2. The wall of the boat is shiny and would be very difficult, if not impossible, to write on in this way.
    It is also suspicious that “confession notes”, passports, and “invocations to Allah” show up conveniently at crimes that are used to justify further invasions and U.S. bombings of Middle East countries, further domestic surveillance, further loss of constitutional rights and increased militarization of the police. Research these topics online and you will find some rather uncomfortable truths about the way in which the U.S. Government, the FBI and the CIA operate.

  13. How can I make this clearer? From that murderers own mouth, “Immediately after the bombing, which I am guilty of — if there’s any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more. I did do it along with my brother — I learned of some of the victims. I learned their names, their faces, their age. And throughout this trial more of those victims were given names, more of those victims had faces, and they had burdened souls. Now, I am sorry for the lives that I’ve taken, for the suffering that I’ve caused you, for the damage that I’ve done. Irreparable damage.
    Now, I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam. The God I worship, besides whom there is no other God, is Allah. And I prayed for Allah to bestow his mercy upon the deceased, those affected in the bombing and their families. Allah says in the Qur’an that with every hardship there is relief. I pray for your relief, for your healing, for your well-being, for your strength.”
    Stop looking for your 15 minutes of fame with these ridiculous theories and crack pot ideas. He murdered four people, one a nine year old child!

  14. Steve, your comment failed to address any of the points and evidence that showed falsification of the boat “confession”. I suggest that you read the articles listed in the January 23rd comment above that detail the issue of forced confessions pushed by corrupt elements in law enforcement and the court system. This tactic is not a “theory”, it is fact. In addition, the U.S. Government is not above using torture to obtain forced confessions. You say that this teen “murdered four people”. The evidence produced by Dr. Maxwell and several other researchers into the issue shows that he did not.

    • Doug, respectfully, it was not me who said this teen murdered four people. It came from his own mouth. Are you deliberately being obtuse? Stop politicizing this – in regards to the boat confession, you stated that it was too dark to write it? You do understand he was in the boat until 5PM the following day? He had a full day of daylight and plenty of time to think about. Basic research.

  15. Irrefutable evidence showing the extent of lying by the news media was presented at the Watertown Library on March 22nd, 2015, through a compilation of short documentaries showing the topics listed below. Since the Government and media lied to us about these serious issues, we can assume they applied the same principle of misconduct in relation to the Boston Marathon. If the people of Watertown would like to wake up to what is going on, then I highly encourage them to watch this short film series showing eye-opening evidence of deliberate Gov/media lying. It provides the background and context needed to understand the truth behind the 2013 Marathon and other similar events. The film can be viewed online at the following link:

    List Of Topics Included:
    1. CIA agents admitting CIA control of the news using stories planted by the CIA.
    2. The tight monopoly ownership of the news. All U.S. news media owned by just 6 corporations.
    3. Fox News prevention of a news program showing corruption by Monsanto and subsequent firing of Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, the researchers of that corruption.
    4. Admission by news reporter/CIA asset that he was “educated to lie and to betray and not to tell the truth to the public.” He describes how he and other media anchors are bribed to publish propaganda to promote public support for the U.S. to wage war on other countries.
    5. The lies told to promote the Iraq war, the Gov/media-created fake Jessica Lynch story, confessed to later under oath by Ms. Lynch describing “how the military creates myths exaggerating the heroics of its soldiers”.
    6. The testimony of a Kuwaiti nurse “Nayirah” to create public support for the U.S. bombing of Iraq. It was discovered later that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, coached by American PR company, Hill & Knowlton to tell a convincing lie on the news.
    7. CNN footage of Robbie Parker, the grieving parent, laughing before the camera was turned on for him to give his rehearsed speech.
    8. BBC footage broadcasting the collapse of the 47 story Building 7 on 9/11, 20 minutes before it collapsed. All architects and engineers who have viewed this collapse describe it as a planned demolition, involving pre-planted explosives, a process that takes weeks to achieve. The question that then arises is – who had access to the building during those weeks to plant those explosives? And why was no investigation done into this?

    The American people need to wake up and ask important questions about what is really going on behind these events.

    • Are you from Watertown? How dare you tell the people of Watertown to “wake up”. Irrefutable evidence was present at the Watertown Library? Are you serious? It was nothing but conspiracy theorists going on about the corrupt government, the corrupt police, etc etc. Please stop using the events of the Marathon and the events in Cambridge and Watertown to further your nonsense. People died….how would you feel if it was your son/daughter murdered in cold blood and a group of nuts tried to say it never happened. Do you have any empathy at all?

  16. Mr. Reynolds, your comments still fail to address the many documented cases where evidence was faked by the FBI and law enforcement. For your enlightenment, I refer you to the above links posted on January 23rd.

    You also fail to address how the pencil shown as evidence in the trial still had a sharp point, after allegedly being used to write this supposed “confession”. If such pencil had been used, the point would have been blunted down to the wood. Based on what you’re suggesting, the kid conveniently happened to have a pencil sharpener with him, and a flashlight, since the boat was covered with boat tarp and would not have allowed much light inside, if any. It is highly unlikely he would have drawn attention to himself by lifting the tarp to write the note.

    I suggest you read the articles posted in the January 23rd comment. This would allow a much more reasoned discussion on this topic rather than repeating statements verbatim from a news media that is known to lie.

    • Doug, the reason I am not refuting faked documented cases is that it has nothing to do with my original point. Stop using this murderer to push your own agenda of demonizing law enforcement (and insulting the victims of this murderer). To your specific point about the pencil, you do realize that he had a knife to sharpen, correct? As far as the wall that he wrote his confession on being shiny, I really don’t know what that has to do anything? The tarp was not covering the boat. In fact, it was because the late Mr. Henneberry noticed that the tarp had become untied and investigated that the murderer was found in the first place.

      And I really don’t know what your trying to get at here is anyway – are you denying that he admitted to guilt during the impact statements at the end of the trial?

  17. The comment by Steve regarding the pencil is absurd. He dismisses documented fact as theory, then presents his own invented theories that Jahar sharpened the pencil while hiding in the boat and in doing so, made sure to sharpen it after he had written the alleged “confession” so that the point would be nice and sharp for the trial as shown in the photo presented in court. The idea is absurd. If that pencil had been used to write the note, then it would have ended up with a blunt end and the photo used at trial would have shown this. This photo is just one of several smoking guns showing manufactured evidence in this case.

    Another suspicious fact about the alleged boat confession was that nothing was said about it until May 16th, almost a month later. If this note was written by Jahar, then it would have been seen right away and reported in the media. The fact that they waited almost an entire month to report it shows that the FBI took their sweet time in fabricating the confession and adding it as an after thought.

    Steve then presents another theory of his – that the tarp was not covering the boat. The fact is, while one end was opened by Jahar to climb in, the tarp continued to remain over the boat covering him. If it had not, the owner and neighbors would have seen him from their windows early that morning. The fact that he remained out of view the entire day illustrates that the tarp was covering the boat making it difficult for anyone lying injured inside to write anything as neat as the “confession” shown as evidence. All of this is moot anyway since the FBI have been caught several times fabricating evidence. It’s nothing new to them, it’s part of the job – business as usual.

    • And there’s also the inconvenient matter of the murderers own apology to the victims and the victims families. I suppose that was a “crisis” actor on the stand as well. Please stop using the bombing and the aftermath to further your conspiracy agenda.

  18. I have been following this thread and would like to make a few points. Doug Carter has pointed out important flaws in this case and the well-documented issue of corruption within the FBI and law enforcement including many situations where they have been caught red-handed manufacturing evidence. The article links he posted on Jan 23 are just the tip of the iceberg on this issue. His comments are based on an objective review of these facts whereas those of Steve R. are in denial and fired by emotion rather than reason. Steve’s comments towards Doug are accusatory and more in attack mode rather than reasoned discussion.

    It takes courage for those who have researched and know the truth behind the Boston bombing and lockdown to speak out and try to get that truth with others. Instead of denouncing people for this it and labeling them with derogatory terms, people should research the topics presented and looked at the evidence. Someone has posted an interesting series of short videos showing the government and media caught red-handed lying, not on small issues, but large ones, that have dragged this country into non-stop wars. If the U.S. Government lies about war and the reasons for war, resulting in the countless deaths and injuries of young Americans and people overseas, then how can we trust them to tell the truth 9/11 and the Boston bombing?

    The answer is – we can’t. People have to do their own research and learn the truth for themselves.

  19. Steve, I have full empathy for those injured by this event. This is why I have researched the issue to find the full truth instead of blindly believing what the media says, in particular, a media that has on several occasions been caught lying. You say the videos of news clips I posted were of theorists? Clearly you didn’t watch those videos because if you did you would see that those making the recorded statements include the actual confessors and whistleblowers themselves as well as court-rulings including the following:

    CIA agents admitting in a recorded interview – CIA control of the news using stories planted by the CIA,
    A news anchor/CIA asset admitting that he was “educated to lie and to betray and not to tell the truth to the public”, describing how he and other media anchors are bribed to publish propaganda to support the U.S. waging war on other countries,
    A recorded admission of Private Jessica Lynch in court confessing her role in “how the military creates myths exaggerating the heroics of its soldiers” (How the War Party Sold the 1991 Bombing of Iraq to US – https://www.antiwar.com/orig/cohen1.html ),
    The fabricated story of WMD’s to promote the U.S. invasion, bombing and destruction of Iraq.
    The Feb 2003 Court of Appeals over-ruling of an award to Fox journalist Jane Akre for being retaliated against by Fox News for reporting the truth on Monsanto corruption. Fox lawyers argued it was their first amendment right to report false information. The Court of Appeals decided the FCC’s position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation” therefore making it legal for Fox and other cable news channels to lie to the public.

    I’m not sure what more evidence people need to understand that the government and media lie to them on a regular basis? It’s as clear as day – we are not being told the truth.

    The Power Of Media Deception

  20. “Football and beer filled up the horizons of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” – a quote from George Orwell’s novel “1984”.

    Alas, busy lives and schedules prevent many people from researching the important issues documented in this thread with the result that most people have little time other than to accept at face value what the propagandized mainstream media reports. The other cause is the constant stream of mindless TV entertainment and sports hype, all of which serve to keep people distracted from the U.S. war machine and corruption that is going on in their government. This distraction is not accidental, by the way.

    As the super bowl rolls out, millions of Americans watch enthralled, oblivious to the havoc wreaked by the wars inflicted by the U.S. Military Complex as it continues to invade, sell weapons to and bomb other countries, while skyrocketing costs continue to divert funds away from our communities, schools, infrastructure, healthcare and more. The following is a link to this Ticking Cost Of War Clock:

    Total cost of wars since 2001: $1,814,670,651,870 and counting …

    If people cared as much about this situation as they do when their sports team loses, perhaps something could be done. Unfortunately they are too deceived by a propagandized media cover-up to even know a fraction of what is going on. Just as we were lied to about the Vietnam war, so too were we lied to about the Gulf war, 9/11, the war on terror and the Boston bombing. One would hope that more people would take the time to research the truth.

  21. I heart Watertown. Talk about honest folks! It was a thrill for me to be able to speak at the Library a fortnight ago. I am returning to Australia this week, humbled and proud at the same time.
    It struck me afterward, when I saw the Open Mic session on Youtube, that the open mic was like a mini Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearing, where people get to say whatever is on their mind about a certain event.

    I am going to write to the American Library Association and suggest that every library set aside a spot for occasional meetings such as this. It really is a library-ish thing to do, in that it brings in knowledge.
    Yay libraries! Yay Watertown WFPL! Yay truth commissions! Yay truth!

    And thank you, Locals. And thanks for a most pleasant “police presence” at the event.

  22. Here’s the truth, not sure what else needs to be said – “Immediately after the bombing, which I am guilty of — if there’s any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more. I did do it along with my brother — I learned of some of the victims. I learned their names, their faces, their age. And throughout this trial more of those victims were given names, more of those victims had faces, and they had burdened souls. Now, I am sorry for the lives that I’ve taken, for the suffering that I’ve caused you, for the damage that I’ve done. Irreparable damage.
    Now, I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam. The God I worship, besides whom there is no other God, is Allah. And I prayed for Allah to bestow his mercy upon the deceased, those affected in the bombing and their families. Allah says in the Qur’an that with every hardship there is relief. I pray for your relief, for your healing, for your well-being, for your strength.”

  23. Steve Reynolds asked:
    How would you feel if it was your son/daughter murdered in cold blood and a group of nuts tried to say it never happened?
    This is the classic fallacy known as appeal to emotion.
    First off, if I had a son/daughter murdered in cold blood, I would want the trial to follow the rules of western jurisprudence, so that I might be able to trust the results.
    This trial broke even the most basic rules, beginning on day one with the (gov-supplied) “defense” admitting their client was guilty. Then, no cross examining of key witness Dun Meng, who had changed his story at least 3 times in media interviews. No mention of the Miranda violation that led to the illegal interrogation. No inquiry as to how/why it took investigators 3 weeks to “discover” the writing on the boat, which conveniently rendered the Miranda problem moot. No questioning why the backpack shown in court did not appear to be the defendant’s. The fix was very obviously in from the beginning, with even the media tainting the jury pool in advance by pretending there was clear video showing the defendant placing the backpack on the ground in front of the Forum. That was a serious falsehood which most people still believe to this day. Why was this lie told in the first place?
    I am not saying the brothers weren’t involved. But this so-called trial raised far more questions than it answered. And no grieving parent deserves that.

  24. The following note on Mary Maxwell’s January 23 public lecture on the Boston marathon bombing is written with respect to the citizens of Watertown and the bereaved family of MIT police officer Sean Collier.

    When I first became of aware of Mary Maxwell’s contention that the Tsarnaev brothers, despite their alleged confessions, may not have been the perpetrators of the Boston maraton bombing, I dismissed it out of hand as ridiculous.

    Upon reading a copy of the text of Maxwell’s forthcoming book on the subject that an associate thought I should consult and, for the first time, learning of the details of the case and the questionable, not to say suspect, nature of some key evidence presented to establish their guilt, as well as irregularities that occurred during Dzhokhar’s trial in federal court in Boston, I came to believe that the citizens of Watertown were entitled to hear what Maxwell had to say.

    Her presentation at the Watertown Public Library on January 23, based on close reading of the transcripts of the trial, was respectful and professional in all respects and, I seriously believe, represented a public service to the residents of Watertown and to the Collier family, indeed to the whole of the Boston community, as we continue to attempt to recover from the shock and horror of the bombing and ensuing events.

    Consideration of Maxwell’s contention requires that a person choose between loving one’s hometown and nation, and loving truth. This is a hard choice and rather than make it, rather than researching the matter, many prefer to retreat into hostility directed at those who feel obligated to raise the issue. This is not a path to full understanding of the marathon bombing and its aftermath, or any other event, ancient or modern. In the end, what matters are not opinions, but facts, facts of the sort that constitute the structure of Maxwell’s views. Fiat lux.

  25. Thank you, Mr McNally. Your “fiat lux” made me think of a song that my family used to sing around the piano. The words are by Joaquin Miller, about Christopher Columbus’ 1492 voyage in our direction….
    I’ll quote just two verses. (It’s in the public domain.):

    They sailed and sailed, as winds might blow,
     Until at last the blanched mate said:
    “Why, now not even God would know
     Should I and all my men fall dead.
    These very winds forget their way,
     For God from these dead seas is gone.
    Now speak, brave Admiral, speak and say” —
     He said, “Sail on! sail on! and on!”

    Then pale and worn, he kept his deck,
     And peered through darkness. Ah, that night
    Of all dark nights! And then a speck —
     A light! a light! at last a light!
    It grew, a starlit flag unfurled!
     It grew to be Time’s burst of dawn.
    He gained a world; he gave that world
     Its grandest lesson: “On! sail on!”

  26. Ms. Maxwell, do you know of, or have you seen, the inscription carved into the stone memorial on the lawn in front of the Watertown Square bus station?

  27. Really sorry I missed this talk because ever since that awful week I still remember when my husband and I were watching it all on TV, while all the sirens were blaring. We saw the suspect arrested, he was in handcuffs on the ground then walking. We saw it clearly then went to bed thinking they had the guy. Then in the morning we get the robo call to stay home and turn TV back on and hear the guy was shot, and BI could not retrieve him. My husband and I were really shaken up about that because we know we saw him arrested just 5 or 6 hours earlier. How could someone go from handcuffs and custody to what happened according to hospital. And then to make it all even more confusing we saw Wolf Blitzer interview Watertown’s Chief police and he said the guy was run over by his brother and died from those injuries. My husband kept saying something is really really fishy in Watertown, none of this adds up. We have talked about this many times but no one else seems to have noticed. We’ll try and find Dr. Maxwell’s video on the internet, we hope she gives the talk again. The younger brother’s story was really strange too.

    • Yes we saw the man arrested and in cuffs. It was actually in front of Dr. Kerbels office. It was explained later, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was released. I could be wrong but I believe he might have been drunk. To me there was nothing fishy about that at all.

  28. A witness of the Laurel/Dexter shootout described the situation very differently to the story told by the police. She stated on WEEI that it was a police SUV that ran over one of the suspects. She also stated that the gunfire came from the police, not the suspects. The following are her direct quotes, as broadcast on WEEI, 4/19/2013:

    “We saw the first suspect get hit by a police SUV and then after he was hit a shot multiple times.” When asked if the shooting came from the police or the suspect, she replied: ” I just remember him get shot multiple times so just from what I can remember and from what I can hear I believe towards the end there was some retaliation on his end but I didn’t personally see it.”

    This account contrasts sharply with the police version. The WEEI recording can be heard at the following link:

    Eyewitness ‘Tamerlan Run Over By Police Vehicle And Then Shot’:

    This is just one of the many discrepancies in the stories given to us by police. The following are two others:
    Saying the suspect shot himself in the boat, when the truth was, he was unarmed.
    Describing the situation at the boat as a “firefight” when all 280 bullets came from the police, not the unarmed suspect.

    Clearly we are not being told the truth.