LETTER: Thank You to Watertown DPW for Helping With Blocked Sewer


Many thanks to Peter Anastasi and his co-workers at the Watertown Water Department.

Recently I had a serious backup in my sewerage system. I first called a private relief company and after trying unsuccessfully to relieve the blockage I was told that I probably had a broken drain pipe and would need a private company to replace the line from my house to the street. They indicated that I could get a list of approved contractors from the town highway department.

I then called the Public Works Department and within 15 minutes I had Mr. Anastasi at my front door. I explained my situation and he assured me that he would help me out and check to see what the problem was.

After some time and several people checking things out he came back and let me know that the problem was not on my property but on the street and they had taken care of it. Many thanks to all whom assisted in a professional, courteous way. They could not have been any nicer.

Praise to the Highway and Water Department!!

Thanks again,
Joe MacDonald
Riverside Street

3 thoughts on “LETTER: Thank You to Watertown DPW for Helping With Blocked Sewer

  1. So nice to hear a citizen to praise the DPW .
    So often you only hear complaints, but never hear all the good things
    With all the streets the town has done over for so many years,
    I have yet to hear one person say or write “thanks for doing my street”.
    The Watertown DPW has done a wonderful job for years,
    many thanks to them!
    Good work by Peter, never seen him without a smile on his face!

  2. One thing the DPW does not get credit for is fixing the storm drains. Up until 10-15 years ago they would backup all the time. Now they clean them all out at least once a year. Our street used to have terrible flooding even in a light rain. Now it only happens if we get an inch or more per hour. Even then it drains out as soon as the rain lets up instead of hanging around for hours.

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