Right Turn Expands Services for Family of Those Facing Addiction

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In an effort to expand family services to meet the demand, Right Turn, a noted addiction treatment center is now offering a Family Addiction Workshop at their
Watertown treatment center on the first Saturday of every month at 9:30 a.m., the Watertown-based group announced.

The 4-hour workshop is designed to educate and guide attendees who have a loved one immersed in the complex world of addiction and is facilitated by Jon Cohan CADC and Gabrielle Dean MSW, MPH, with added curriculum by Diana
Clark, JD, MA.

With the aid of a multimedia presentation, workbooks, and group exercises, participants are provided practical information on developing healthy boundaries, the role of denial, the effects of addiction on brain functioning, and the concepts of co-dependence and protecting.

More information can be found on Right Turn’s website (http://www.right-turn.net) or by calling 781-646-3800

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