8 thoughts on “Watertown Students Pour Out to Join National Walk Out for Gun Control

  1. I am so very proud of the Watertown High School students who are taking a stand to combat gun violence. Keep speaking up and standing up for what you believe – your generation can make a difference – thank you!

  2. I support all of the Watertown students and the students across the country. This is what America is really about. Standing up against what is wrong and for what you believe is right and if you don’t achieve it find another peaceful way to get it done.

  3. Kudos to the students for making their voices heard and being engaged in the issues that impact them and their safety. They are our future.

  4. I remember the days following the Boston bombing when every one was cowering in there houses . These students parents wished they had a weapon to defend themselves and loved ones. from the terrorist brothers As a person who graduated from Water Town High school and a veteran. I am embarrassed to say I attended a school that praises these students . How Soon we forget.

    • I am a WHS parent and never wished for any kind of weapon during that horrible time….and we were just blocks away….having a weapon wouldn’t have solved anything for me that day. But thank you for your service.

  5. The kids were told by the student organizers that the walk out was not about gun control or banning guns, it was to honor the victims of this horrible crime and bring attention the problem of violence in schools. Of course some students favor stricter gun regulations, but others are in favor of other measures to help prevent these things from happening, but they all walked out believing it was to honor the victims. Kids are scared, and emotional, and they want to do something to feel empowered, and for that, I am proud of them. It is disgusting that you, and others like you would take a gesture made by students and misrepresent the event to promote your political agenda. I can’t help but notice the “ban assault weapons” sign that you conveniently stage in in your photos is not held by a student, but by an adult, who, like you decided, to exploit the students to further her own cause. Somehow, that fact wasn’t mentioned in your article. Everyone knows the media pulls some dirty tricks, but this is particularly low. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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