Winter Overnight Parking Ban Lifted Early

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Watertown’s overnight parking ban ends Thursday, Watertown Police Chief Michael Lawn announced.

The Town sent out the following announcement:

Chief Lawn would like to inform you that Watertown has lifted its enforcement of the all night parking ban effective Thursday March 29, 2018.

The Department of Public Works, Police Department and Fire Department would like to remind motorists that keeping the streets clear allows for road repairs, street cleaning and easy access for public safety vehicles.

To that end, all Departments encourage residents to make full use of off-street parking when it is available

3 thoughts on “Winter Overnight Parking Ban Lifted Early

  1. It’s unfortunate that WPD and the WDPW are not in coordination of planning to clean the streets before lifting the overnight parking restrictions. With cars parked on the streets 24/7, it never allow for the accumulated curbside debris to be fully removed by street sweeping/cleaning equipment. When the driving rains come, all the, debris, stone, sand, and salt flow to the storm drains and clog them every year. We always have some street flooding as a result. Waltham sweep cleans their streets in March and it shows. Doesn’t that make sense?

    • ditto here. I just spend the weekend raking the muck off 3 storm drains on my corner which is at the bottom of a hill and putting it out for yard waste pickup. I understand and accept that keeping sidewalks clear of plant debris and snow is part of my “civic duty” but clearing gutters and storm drains? not so much.

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