GUEST POST: School Committee Member’s Q&A With a WHS Senior

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(The following Q&A was submitted by Watertown School Committee Vice Chair Kendra Foley)

I always feel so proud of Watertown High School after hearing from our two School Committee high school advisors, Emily Koufos and Lauren Petrillo. Each month at our School Committee meetings, they give an update on the happenings at the high school, from sports to theater productions, AP tests to college acceptances.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Emily Koufos a few questions about her experience at Watertown High School.

KF: Have you had a favorite class?

EK: My favorite class has definitely been AP Psychology. It’s fascinating to learn how the human brain develops and functions, and I feel that every student at some point should be obligated to take such an informative class. It’s very different from any other course I have taken.

KF: Has there been a teacher who has been particularly influential?

EK: A particular teacher that stands out to me is Mrs. Kramer. Last year, I took AP Chemistry, and I will admit that it was not my best class. Mrs. Kramer addressed every single question I had, even if it meant staying after class or coming in before school started. If I was disappointed with a grade, she would always take the time to work with me individually to review my mistakes. She was also my cross country and track coach, which helped create an even stronger bond between us.

KF: Can you talk about your other activities during your time at WHS?

EK: Some of my activities include cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, and dance. I am a part of the Pride Committee, which is a group that helps organize big events at the high school, Raiders Against Drugs Society, the National Honor Society, and the secretary of the Class of 2018.

KF: Any special memories?

EK: WHS sporting events are very fun. When playoff season arrives, I love it that most of the student body comes together with loads of school spirit. These games have given me so much to look forward to during my high school years. Even though we are a small school, we all love to be loud and supportive. Seeing our teams win and advance deeper into the tournament gives me a huge sense of
pride and excitement.

KF: What are your plans after graduation?

EK: Next fall, I will be attending The College of the Holy Cross. Earlier this year, I committed to run cross country and track and field for their team. Right now, my major is undecided, but I plan on taking pre-med courses and studying within the health sciences. I cannot wait to be a Crusader!

I wish Emily the best of luck at Holy Cross this fall, but until then, I will enjoy her presence at our School Committee meetings, a glowing reminder of why this work matters.

Kendra Foley
Vice Chair, Watertown School Committee

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