Lecture at Library About Middle East Conflict’s Impact on Assyrians, Armenians

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The Assyrian American Association of Massachusetts will host a lecture about the conflict in the Middle East with Boston College professor Peter Krause at the Watertown Free Public Library. 

The AAAM sent out the following information:

Conflict and Instability in the Middle East: The impact on ethnic and religious minorities

WHERE: Watertown Free Public Library, 123 Main St., Watertown

WHEN: Wednesday, May 9 at 7 p.m.

WHAT: The Middle East is torn by numerous civil wars, regional power shifts, demographic shifts within and across international borders.

Is there an end in sight for these conflicts? What impact do they have on minority groups in the region, including Assyrians and Armenians? If and when the violence subsides, what is the future for ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East?

This talk will begin to provide answers by combining a look back at relevant history, a rigorous assessment of the present, and some cautious predictions of the future.

The speaker will be Peter Krause, assistant professor of political science at Boston College and a research affiliate with the MIT Security Studies Program. Krause has conducted extensive field work throughout the Middle East over the past decade. His research and writing focuses on Middle East politics, political conflicts, and national movements. His recent publications include: Why National Movements Compete, Fight and Win, and Coercion: The Power to Hurt in International Politics.

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