Field ‘Resting,’ Installation of Lights May Impact Users of Filippello Park Fields

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The Watertown Recreation Department will host a meeting to discuss the impact of the temporary closing of part of one field at Filipello Park and the installation of lights on May 24, at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall

The fields are used by Watertown Youth Soccer, Watertown Men’s Softball and other users.

The Recreation Department sent out the following announcement:

As you may be aware, the Department of Recreation sent out a proactive email on Monday, May 7 identifying the concern that the late school start time for high school and middle school students will impact field schedules by at least 30 minutes, and to announce that because of renovation project of the Filippello (Grove) entrance, and the requested resting of the field, Filippello (Grove) most likely will be closed in fall 2018. 

The Town is also in the process of finalizing plans for new LED field lights for both Filippello (Grove) and Filippello (Arlington) for the possible installation in fall of 2018.

The later start time for schools and the construction activities at Filippello Park will have obvious impacts to a number of programs, and we want to engage in a conversation to exchange information regarding this situation and to discuss all options to resolve these impacts.

As a result, the Town will hold a meeting with various Town representatives, and community members on May 24, at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chamber to have a conversation about these challenges.

Please feel free to reach out to the Recreation Department in advance to identify any specific issues and questions that you might have.


Peter Centola
Director of Recreation
617-972-6494 (Office)
617-312-9007 (Cell)

4 thoughts on “Field ‘Resting,’ Installation of Lights May Impact Users of Filippello Park Fields

  1. So in a society where obesity is on the rise, threatening to affect our very way of life, where we all speak of how the passive activities of our youth spending too much time behind screens and various electronic gadgets, yet here we read a suggestion of how to pull the rug from underneath those who are doing everything they can not to fall into that category, by playing sports…

    With an already existing shortage of fields and field time in our community for our youth, the recreation department suggests to close a field for the entire season…I don’t for a second understand the logic in this approach.

    We want our children to be active and healthy, yet we suggest to close and limit access to the very fields they need in order to be able to be active…by playing sports as an example…

    I have no words for that shortsighted ill advised and inconsiderate behavior by adults in decision making positions in our community.

    If nothing else just consider the impact an entire season of missed practices due to no field access will have on any athlete, immediate and longterm…
    Consider what this will not only do to the development of these young players in the moment, but what will they do instead of playing sports?
    How will they pass their spare time time?

    Are we that inconsiderate and shortsighted that we are ok with undermining the efforts of our own young community members, the very kids we like to hold up as examples of “look what our so and so team did last year”…how will this suggested park closure affect these youngsters after having to miss an entire season…from winning streaks and laughter to community building and team work, we are willing to undermine all that…?

    I am urging you all to consider a better solution than to close the fields/park for any duration

    • I have learned from going to meetings on sports fields in town that grass fields must be “rested” periodically for the grass to remain healthy. Many other communities have more fields, so it is not as big an impact as in Watertown when a field is taken out of commission.

  2. I am hopeful those who have concerns, questions or comments will come to the meeting.

    It is certainly important that there is a complete understanding of all the information and challenges before a final decision is made.

    This is why the Town has reached out to the residents and users four months before the fall season begins.

    Feel free to reach out to me in advance of the meeting at 617-972-6494, as I will be happy to talk or meet with you.

    If not so inclined, hope to see you at the meeting.


    Peter Centola
    Director of Recreation

    • Peter,
      One method that I have repeatedly asked for(though have not seen implemented),which would help residents, is to have minutes from your Tuesday meetings. There are many meetings(especially on Tuesday when you have your open forum meetings) so that many can not make all meetings. All open forum meetings, by law, must have minutes published, not to mention this is the main vehicle as to how most residents will know what is going on in all these meetings. Meeting minutes need to be produced effectively and efficiently for not only the Park/Rec but all Open forum meetings. This helps us know what is going on. I go to a good number of meetings and was not aware of the fields unavailability for the fall. This is the number 1 time for soccer, so I don’t fully understand how this decision was made(especially given that last fall soccer was in dire need of more fields not less). Possibly a timeline of minutes from meetings could help explain how this occurred so that we can all understand?

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