Republican Announces Bid for Mass. 5th Congressional Seat


The following announcement was sent out by Congressional candidate John Hugo:

Woburn Republican John Hugo officially announces his candidacy for Congress in the MA 5th Congressional district. “I’ve submitted well over the required amount of certified signatures with the Elections’ Division of the Massachusetts Secretary of State and I’ve been certified as a candidate,” said Hugo. 
For nearly a year, John Hugo has been actively reaching out to various Republican and Independent voters throughout the District. “I’ve met with many if not most Republican Ward and Town Committees, along with other grassroots activists. Everywhere I go, I hear the same things: ‘We need someone willing to challenge Katherine Clark. Clarke is out of touch with the District and needs to be held accountable for her extreme views and actions,'” said Hugo … adding “The residents of the 5th Congressional District need a Congressman or woman that will represent the needs of the District and will uphold the Constitution. Clark has failed miserably in this regard.”

Hugo pledges to always first consider how legislation impacts the people of the 5th Congressional District and whether or not the Constitution authorizes the Federal Government to legislate on the matter.

“If it’s right for the district, I’ll support it. However not every issue, is meant to be addressed by D.C. insiders that know little about needs and even less about the aspirations of the people living in MA 5th Congressional District. If there is good proposal that is better suited for State action, I’ll use my clout as United States Congressman to tirelessly work with Massachusetts Law makers to make it happen. Many if not most, good proposals should be locally administered, where it can be closely monitored by the voters. This is what the Founders intended and the Constitution Requires!” said Hugo, when asked about his views on limited government.

The 55-year-old lifelong Massachusetts resident and Arlington native, describes himself as a “Blue Collar Candidate.”

“I struggle to earn a living and pay my bills, like every working person in the district. I believe Founding Fathers envisioned a government where ordinary people, from every walk of life would serve in government for a while and then return to their private lives,” said Hugo.

He pledges to only seek to serve three terms if elected. “I’m a strong proponent of Term Limits. Six years – Three terms, that’s long enough for anyone to be in Congress. Then I’ll return home to live under the same laws I helped to pass.”

Hugo, promises a vigorous campaign based on the issues he believes are most important to working day people in the district.

“We have to reform the way we do business in Washington,” he emphasized. Along with term limits, he advocates limited Constitutional Government, ending the reckless spending that is mortgaging our future prosperity, reforming and strengthening Social Security. “These are the big issues that Congress has been avoiding for too long” said Hugo. Adding, “I have no intention of going to Washington to kick the ball down the road.”

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