8 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Concerned About Request for Taller Tower at Mall

  1. Someone’s pockets are being filled so this happens, it’s not so much about taxes. This is a sad time in how people with money are taking from natural settings, not just in Watertown, but anywhere the is an opportunity to make more money vs the environment. Good luck fighting this one. Does the Fire Department have ladders that will reach that high in case of a fire?

    • There are bot ladders that go that high but obviously there are many building that high or taller in country or even Boston. I believe firefighters can tap into fire suppression water lines built into the building.

  2. No taller building, than what was agreed on before, should be allowed in this location. This developer has made it his style to bait and switch, from the time he asked the town to reduce taxes because (boo-hoo) his investors were worried about how lucrative retail would be. Ha. Now he wants to build a taller building when we had already discussed this before ad nauseam. I haven’t met anyone who lives in this town who is for this. NO, NO, and NO.

  3. I am totally for a Taller building, 130 feet is too restrictive. The hieght of building F has been increased and Building G should also be taller, it will look better, the more people living here the better in my opinion. I live right next door and love this project, and I have talked to many who would have spoken up about a taller building had they been aware earlier in the project. Unfortunately the younger growing cohort in town does not participate in civic affairs. Bill M and his team have been much more transparent that Athena. The possiblilty for a building taller than 130 feet has always been on the table as possible through special permit if you care to check the public record. I look forward to a landmark tower in Watetertown, the more appropriate place for it would have been next to tha Miller Alehouse building but it was quashed over public input. I will be saying the same thing in public hearing. The planning board has done a great job balancing. As for fire fighting objections, thats just pure ignorance, do a little research.

  4. I think Robert’s 2016 letter is well stated. As a many year resident, I too have a very big concern that Watertown, and it’s small town appeal while still close to Boston, is once again under threat. The original height and location, I believed, did not properly considered the linkage between the river and Watertown’s responsibity for the river. The newest plan change is much higher and that much more agregious to the natural beauty that Watertown and the Charles offers it’s residence and visitors.

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