Health Department Warns of Aggressive Raccoons in Watertown

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The Watertown Health Department sent out the following information:

Three incidents of raccoon(s) being aggressive with humans have occurred in Watertown on Thursday May 31, 2018, two resulting in injury. If you see a raccoon, please take steps to avoid it.

Raccoons are rarely aggressive toward humans but a female will defend her young. While normally most active at night, they will routinely come out in the daytime to forage. Never feed raccoons and be especially cautious when approaching any garbage can or areas where food or scraps can be found.

Raccoons, along with foxes, skunks and bats are considered primary carriers of the rabies virus. Some behaviors of raccoons with rabies are:

• Staggering gait, walking in circles, disorientation

• Seemingly oblivious to noise or nearby movement

• Erratic wandering

• Discharge from eyes or mouth

• Aggressive behavior, attacking for no reason

If you see a raccoon showing any of these signs call Watertown Police at 617-972- 6500 and report the animal and location. If you come in contact with a raccoon or other rabies vector species or if you are bitten, please seek medical attention immediately and notify the Watertown Health Department at 617-972-6446.

6 thoughts on “Health Department Warns of Aggressive Raccoons in Watertown

    • I personally have not seen one myself in years, though I’m sure they are always there. The health department needs to consider trapping if things are getting this out of hand. Three people being attacked in one day seems rather extreme. And let’s not forget that many raccoons (often >60% of the population) carry a roundworm, shed in feces, that can transmit very serious or deadly neurological disease to children/people with disabilities who engage in pica.

  1. Why are they not disclosing the location of the situation. Is it near Oakley area, Palfrey Hill area, Charles River, Gore Estate? All of Watertown? How about being more specific?

  2. They used to come to my roof (despite dog) a couple of times a year just outside a window. Very cute. It seemed as if they had a route and would leave after a few days. Once one was found rocking on a porch chair which made scary noises at night. N.B.: I was warned about not touching, or even breathing their feces, or letting dog get near it, or them. I have left small containers of ammonia as a deterrent in the area where they come occasionally to sleep. Seems to work–I had forgotten all about them, but will put some out again. Critter Control is a great animal trapper if you need one. Maybe there still is a Watertown branch; the owner’s mother lives here.

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