Raccoon Attacks Reported in Different Spots Around Watertown

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Three reported raccoon attacks took place in different areas of Watertown this week, according to reports.

On Friday the Watertown Heath Department issued a warning about aggressive raccoons in town, including two that attacked residents.

A Garfield Street resident told Channel 7 News that he was attacked by a raccoon while he was on his deck drinking coffee.

Watertown Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly told Channel 5 News that one woman was attacked on Parker Street just outside her home, and another person was attacked while walking on Charles River Road near Paul Street.

Garfield is located north of Mt. Auburn Street and stretches up near Oakley Country Club. Parker Street is south of Mt. Auburn Street, across from the intersection of Common Street. Paul Street hits Charles River Road a bit west of the Watertown Yacht Club.

Health Department Warns of Aggressive Raccoons in Watertown

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