Watertown Farmers’ Market Adds Nearly a Dozen New Vendors for 2018

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The Watertown Farmers’ Market begins Thursday, June 7, and will feature many new vendors, including bakeries, ice cream, composting and bicycle checks.

Many vendors will appear each week at the Farmers’ Market, others biweekly, and guest vendors will not be there each week but will make periodic appearances.

The market is open from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays through June 7 to Oct. 18, 2018, rain or shine. The market will close at 6 p.m. after Labor Day. The market is located at the green at the Arsenal on the Charles (corner of Arsenal Street and Kingsbury Avenue) in front of Panera Bread.

2018 Farmer and Vendor Line-Up

Drum Roll please … It’s time to announce the Farmer and Vendor list for the 2018 Watertown Farmers’ Market season! We look forward to welcoming back our favorites from last year and getting to know this season’s exciting new additions. Additional pop-up and guest vendors to be announced as the season gets underway! (* – New Vendor)

Farm Produce
*Mycoterra Farm (Biweekly)
Spring Brook Farm
*Wards Berry Farm

Certified Organic Farm Produce
The Farm School

Lilac Hedge Farm
Red’s Best & Boston Smoked Fish

Baked Goods
*Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery (Biweekly)
*Fournos Authentic Greek Pastries
OMG Bagels

Specialty Vendors
BeeLuxe (Guest)
*Carr’s Ciderhouse (Guest)
Chrissy’s Crumble (Biweekly)
Deano’s Pasta
*FoMu Ice Cream
Halvah Heaven (Guest)
Sa’s Homestyle Sauce (Guest)
*Saucehound (Guest)
*Tex Mex Eats
*thisHaiti (Guest)

Other Products/Services
*City Compost
*Common Wheels – free bike check-ups (Monthly)
On the Edge Knife Sharpening (Sept. & Oct. Only)

Meet the New Farmers and Vendors

Carr’s Ciderhouse (Guest)
Carr’s Ciderhouse is a family run hard cider company in Western Massachusetts committed to producing high quality, hand-crafted hard ciders. They juice their apples on a century old press and then allow for a slow, cold fermentation to retain fresh fruit aromas and create a complex and delicious cider. They also create a line of cider based pantry products including cider syrup, apple cider vinegar, and switchels.

City Compost
City Compost provides a weekly compost home pickup service. Material collected by City Compost is processed independently and balanced with only clean brown material to create the highest quality compost possible. Plus, everything is tracked in by weight and you can receive 100% of what you put in back as finished compost that is tested for lead, pH, and nutrient profile.

Common Wheels (Monthly Guest)
CommonWheels is an Allston-based bicycle collective focused on building a community of happy, safe, educated riders though workshops, group rides and their flagship program, Open Shop. Find them monthly at the market performing free bike checks.

[FōMū] Ice Cream
[FōMū] ice cream is made from scratch right here in Watertown. Their signature ice creams are made with carefully sourced, plant-based ingredients including coconut milk and a blend of organic, natural sweeteners. Their products are all natural, preservative-free and made by hand, with no shortcuts ensuring that every hand-packed scoop or pint is as fresh and delicious as possible.

Fournos Authentic Greek Pastries
Fournos literally meaning oven, the Greek word fournos is also used colloquially to describe bakeries and pastry shops in Greece. Fournos is a home business specializing in authentic, freshly baked Greek pastries with high quality ingredients. All of their products are crafted by Despina Agapidou who is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion with foodies in the Boston area and beyond.

Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery (Biweekly)
Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery specializes in allergen friendly, vegan baked goods, completely free of gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame. They may be gluten-free but you’d never know by tasting them! In addition to baked goods, don’t miss her take home dinner bowls including Eggplant Parm and Mac’N’Cheeze.

Mycoterra Farm (Biweekly)
Mycoterra mushrooms are handcrafted in small batches and picked fresh for delivery. They take pride in producing diverse varieties of quality, gourmet and specialty mushrooms. In addition the farm offers mushroom growing kits and produces a shiitake-based mushroom skincare line.

Saucehound (Guest)
Watertown based company, Saucehound, has just what you need to sauce up your next BBQ. Made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no high-fructose corn syrup, their award winning BBQ sauce is the perfect blend of sweet, heat, and vinegar and their spice rub will bring out great flavor and color in everything from meat to seafood to veggies.

Tex Mex Eats
Amanda, from Tex Mex Eats, takes pride in her “Texachusetts” flavors that combine Mexican dishes with local New England ingredients. With both ready-to-eat and take home options, her tamales and salsas make for a quick, easy meal on busy nights.

thisHaiti (Guest)
thisHAITI is a natural and organic Haitian specialty food company, honoring the founder Blonde Beauchamp’s roots. They offer pikliz (PICK-leez) a traditional condiment made with pickled veggies and habanero peppers; an organic dry spice blend; and lightly salted plantain chips. Pikliz is great for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters, on all proteins, veggies, and grains.

Wards Berry Farm
With a keen eye towards land stewardship, Ward’s Berry Farm manages 175 acres of vegetables and small fruit. Brothers Jim & Bob Ward have run the farm since 1982. While selecting their varieties for flavor, they pride themselves in supplying the community with fresh picked fruits and veggies of the finest quality, in-house baked goods and specialty products such as pickled vegetables and jams.

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  1. Would be great if the Watertown Farmer’s Market also made one small change to have their stalls facing towards the concrete paths to make the market accessible to people in wheelchairs or who use other mobility devices or white canes. A tiny little change would make it accessible to all, but so far they refuse to do so.

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