3 thoughts on “Proposal for Self Storage Facility in East End Will be Discussed at Community Meeting

  1. I’m concerned about all the OVER development in Watertown. From the glut of apartments available to the commercial development. There are more multi family apartments available than I’ve ever seen. This is impacting owners that depend on the rent.
    What about water management. Where will all the heavy rain & snow melt go? Will we become a flood zone since we are allowing every square foot of open space to be developed? That was a big part of what happened in MD recently.
    How about our infrastructure-excessive traffic, lack of parking, overcrowding? What about town services, enough police/fire personnel? Overcrowded schools?
    Where does this take us in the short term and the long term?

  2. I have no problem with a self storage facility going in there, ANYTHING would be better
    than yet another high end condo or apartment complex.

  3. I echo Wendy’s comments about all the over development and its negative effects. Watertown has become way too congested with over development, cars, and all that goes along with it including excessive trash, excess noise pollution, cars parked all over the streets because they either don’t have enough parking or have too many people living in small living quarters.

    All this development has made Watertown look very gritty and ugly. Yes, there are some homes that may look better than before but what stands out to me is just how crowded this town feels. And all of this effects our quality of life. Overall, people in this town just seem miserable too.

    What is extra sad is that it is only getting worse. One sentiment I hear over and over again from friends that have left is just how much of an improvement the move has been on their quality of life.

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