LETTER: Watertown Republicans Endorse Jay McMahon for Attorney General


James “Jay” McMahon III, Republican candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General.

James “Jay” McMahon III, Republican candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General.

The Watertown Republican Town Committee has proudly and unanimously voted to endorse Attorney James “Jay” McMahon III who running in the Republican Primary to be the next Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.McMahon, a Buzzards Bay resident, has practiced law in the Massachusetts for 30 years. During this period he has litigated cases in every court in the Commonwealth, in Federal Courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. His experience includes Civil, Criminal, Domestic, and Bankruptcy. McMahon
further has an extensive background in business management and law enforcement. In addition he served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard as a 2nd Lieutenant (Military Police).

Both his public and private life, respect for Rule of Law and the Constitution, have been McMahon’s hallmark. In sharp contrast, Maura Healey’s dubious badges of honor are the multiple agenda-driven lawsuits against the Trump Administration which are constantly struck down by higher courts, lawsuits costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands if not millions in legal fees. Likewise in defiance of Federal Law Healey supports “Sanctuary State” status for Massachusetts. She shows her further disdain for the civil rights of over 600,000 law-abiding Massachusetts gun owners by imposing nefarious “edicts” restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of taxpayers and citizens with no vote of the Legislature or ruling of the courts. Healey has further established “guidelines” related to the recently passed “Bathroom Bill” that jeopardize the public safety of women and children using public bathrooms and locker-rooms. On her watch opioid addictions have quadrupled and her failure to aggressively prosecute drug dealers shows her lack of interest in protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth. Healey has lastly done nothing about the never-ending public corruption scandals that have plagued state government abdicating her responsibilities as the Commonwealth’s “Top Cop” to the U.S. Attorney’s office. In short, Healey has supplanted the blind scales of justice with rampant
partisan grandstanding to further her own political career.

The Watertown Republican Town Committee is certain that Jay McMahon has the precise skillset needed to right the course of the Commonwealth’s jurisprudence. He will respect the constitution and protect our rights. As Attorney General McMahon will cooperate with and not impede Federal Law Enforcement and he will relentlessly oppose making Massachusetts a sanctuary state. Having lost a
son to an opioid overdose McMahon has a comprehensive plan to address the opioid crisis by putting into place private sector programs statistically proven to help those affected.

We therefore urge Watertown citizens voting in the Republican Primary on Tuesday September 4th to vote for Attorney James “Jay” McMahon III for Attorney General.

John DiMascio
Republican Town Committee
Watertown, MA

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