Public Invited to Next Meeting of Watertown Citizens for Black Lives

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The following information was provided by Watertown Citizens for Black Lives:

We will be meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the First Parish Unitarian/Universalist Church on Church Street in Watertown on Monday, July 2.

Our Mission: Watertown Citizens For Black Lives is a community member organization that campaigns against violence and systemic racism in our local community.

3 thoughts on “Public Invited to Next Meeting of Watertown Citizens for Black Lives

    • There are two many people these days who think that only the lives of those who look like them matter. BLM was formed to respond to a particular problem–killings of black men by police who are never held accountable.

      But of course all lives matter. That really is the point. All means everyone. EVERYONE.

      You mis-spelled break. It’s give it a break.

      • Jay, your sentiment would make sense if the essence of “Black Lives Matter” was “ONLY Black Lives Matter.” But it isn’t. The essence is “Black Lives Matter TOO” and is a response to extrajudicial killing of black people at staggeringly high rates. Have you read the details of the killings? Unarmed black people on their own property, holding things like cell phones, shot dead. And time and time again, officers are not brought to justice. Is there no part of you that can understand the desire for justice when an innocent loved one is murdered?

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