Republican Senate Candidate Picks Up Endorsement of Head of Watertown Republicans


The Geoff Diehl for Senate campaign sent out the following announcement:

Today Representative Geoff Diehl, the endorsed Republican candidate for U.S.
Senate, announced that he has received the endorsement Republican Town Committee Chairman John DiMascio.“I am proud to join the growing list of local Republican Committee Chairs endorsing Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate. Washington needs more tenacious reform-minded leaders like Geoff. He sets a very high standard, holding himself and his colleagues to that standard. Transparency, lowering taxes, fiscal accountable, and servant leadership, have been his hallmark, since elected to the House, said
DiMascio. “We could use 100 Geoff Diehls in the US Senate.”

“I am honored to have received John DiMascio’s endorsement. His strong support will help us win Watertown,” said Diehl. “It would be tough to pick one word to describe Geoff, but the first word that comes to mind is relentless. Look at the way he challenged big money special interests, against tremendous odds and the conventional wisdom of nay-sayers to repeal the automatic gas tax hikes. That took guts. Guts another good word to describe Geoff. How can you not admire and applaud that? Diehl’s willingness to risk his political capital, by going against the ‘advice’ of less courageous politicos, some in his own in his party saved taxpayers $2 billion,” said DiMascio.

DiMascio has been the Watertown Republican Town Committee Chairman since 2014. His committee has been very active working for Republican Candidates as well various conservative causes and ballot initiatives, not just in Watertown. According to DiMascio, they cooperate closely with neighboring committees and members will sometimes travel significant distances to assist worthy candidates in

DiMascio went on to say “Honestly – It’s pretty was pretty obvious from the get-go to our committee that Geoff has what it takes to be a great Senator. He’s by far more qualified than his primary opponents. Just as important, purely from the political perspective, he’s our best shot at winning in November. And in terms of policy; again by, without a doubt the best. Name the issue, taxes, economic growth, illegal immigration, the opioid epidemic, taking care of our veterans, I could go on. Geoff is the most qualified and the only candidate with a track record and a plan.”

Diehl was the co-chairman for the ballot question that repealed the linkage of the gas tax to inflation. If the law had remained in place, the gas tax would have increased every year. Diehl has saved taxpayers from 3 gas tax hikes already.

“Warren has failed to help Massachusetts taxpayers. We need a Senator who will stand up for the hard working people of Massachusetts. While Senator Warren has focused on putting money in her wallet selling books, I have focused on putting money into your wallet,” added Diehl. “Massachusetts is too great for a part-time Senator. We need a Senator who will focus on the citizens of the Commonwealth,” said Diehl. “From the time you wake up in the morning and until you go to bed in the evening you should be working to help the people of Massachusetts. I think people should come first ahead of oneself. Our Senator needs to do their job by putting you first!”

Diehl is disappointed with Senator Warren who is more focused on her national profile rather than working in the best interest of Massachusetts. One key example of this, Diehl pointed out, was how she voted against the 21 st Century Cures Act.

“If she cared about our state, she wouldn’t have voted against a bipartisan measure to promote medical innovation and the development of new treatments for cancer and other diseases. Massachusetts is a medical research leader and she still voted against the bill,” said Diehl. “Moreover, Warren would not have voted to shut down the federal government.”

Diehl won the Republican convention by a thirty point margin. He has been earning many endorsements including: the Watertown Republican Town Committee, the Hanson Republican Town Committee, the Bourne Republican Town Committee, the East Bridgewater Republican Town Committee, the Dighton Republican Town Committee, Boston Ward 9 Republican Committee, the Somerville Republican City Committee, the Whitman Republican Town Committee, the Dracut Republican Town Committee, Representatives Shaunna O’Connell, Marc Lombardo, Jim Lyons, Lenny Mirra, Nick Boldyga and Peter Durant, Youth Conservatives of Massachusetts, all of the Sudbury delegates to the convention, former New England Patriots Fred Smerlas, Steve Grogan, and Matt Light, Red Sox Champion Curt Schilling, and John Dennis, to name a few. Diehl was the first candidate to receive a major law enforcement endorsement. The Norfolk County Correction Officers
have thrown their weight behind Diehl.

2 thoughts on “Republican Senate Candidate Picks Up Endorsement of Head of Watertown Republicans

  1. Question 1 did no favors for most Watertown residents, especially if you use public transit. Think your bus service stinks? You can thank DiMascio, Aylward and Diehl while you are waiting for the bus that is 40 minutes late. Great work gentlemen!

    And why is the author of this and other articles on Mr. Diehl not identified? What do these guys have to hide is a question that voters should ask themselves. Why do they have to sneak around? Ask them why they are anti-transit, too.

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