LETTER: Resident Likes the Landscaping of the New Pedestrian Bridge, Railings Not So Much

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Chuck Dickinson

The landscaping at the foot of the new Joseph Thompson Pedestrian Bridge was installed after July 4.

Watertown resident Chuck Dickinson came across crews putting in the landscaping at either end of the new pedestrian bridge across the Charles River, and he liked the crew’s work so much that he took some photos. 

The Department of Conservation and Recreation installed the new bridge at the end of May in place of the old one, which was not handicap accessible.

He also took a few photos of the new bridge, including the side railings (which he said are quite tall).

Dickinson submitted the following write-up:

After a long-anticipated installation of the new Thompson Pedestrian Bridge, landscapers from DCR contractor MON Landscaping (Dartmouth, MA) labored in the hot sun on the days before and after the Fourth of July holiday to plant new shrubs and trees on both sides of the Charles River.

Chuck Dickinson

Landscaper Nuno Souza takes a break for a photo op.

The landscaping is a needed finishing touch to the bridge project, as it softens the concrete and asphalt approaches on both sides of the river with greenery and foliage. Although many are unhappy with the high railings on the new bridge that obscure or limit river views, the bridge’s landscaping is likely to be welcomed and appreciated by all.

Chuck Dickinson

The railings of the new Joseph Thompson Pedestrian Bridge are tall enough that you might need to climb up a rung to get a clear view.

Installation of Replacement Pedestrian Bridge Across Charles River Begins

One thought on “LETTER: Resident Likes the Landscaping of the New Pedestrian Bridge, Railings Not So Much

  1. Here’s another Watertown resident who had been looking forward to the new Thompson pedestrian bridge. It’s very appealing as you see it from the viewing deck at the dam and as you approach it along the nicely landscaped path–and then you walk onto the bridge and soon realize you cannot see over the railing! What happened during the design process of this bridge? Is there a state code requiring the height of pedestrian bridge sides to be this high? I plan to let Rep. Jonathan Hecht and Sen. Will Brownsberger know how disappointed I am with this bridge.

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