Watertown Resident Opens FireCycle Spin Studio in Waltham

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Spin studio FireCycle, founded by Watertown resident Lena Navickas, opened recently in Waltham.


Spin studio FireCycle, founded by Watertown resident Lera Navickas, opened recently in Waltham.

A Watertown resident recently opened a new spin studio in Waltham called FireCycle.

The following announcement was provided by Fire Cycle:

Last week, Watertown resident Lera Navickas, opened the doors of FireCycle Studio, a boutique spin studio located in neighboring Waltham.

“The studio is beautiful, the staff members are friendly and the class was fun and motivating,” says a class attendee, “I can’t wait to go back!”

At FireCycle studio, class attendees are greeted with complimentary towels (which you’ll need after a class in “the inferno,” what FireCycle calls their spin room.) The studio also has amenities like free locker storage, shower facilities, and spin shoe rentals.


Watertown’s Lera Navickas (second from right), opened FireCycle. She is shown here with the studio’s instructors.

FireCycle offers two different classes — FireCycle and FireBeats. A FireCycle ride is based on cadence and resistance at varying intensity levels, whereas a FireBeats ride incorporates choreography and a hand-weight routine. Both classes are set to energetic playlists and are appropriate for riders of all levels.

When she’s not teaching spin, you’ll often find FireCycle founder Lera Navickas riding her bike along the Charles River bike path. One of the many things she loves about living in Watertown, Lera says. Check out FireCycle’s class schedule and join Lera and her instructors on the bike. Visit: FireCycleStudio.com for more information.

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