Construction at Filippello Park’s Grove Street Entrance has Begun

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CDM Smith

A drawing of how the Grove Street entrance of Filippello Park will look after construction.

CDM Smith

A drawing of how the Grove Street entrance of Filippello Park will look after construction.

The Watertown Recreation sent out an update about the construction project at Filippello Park:

We are pleased to announce the renovation of the entryway of Filippello Park (Grove Street) has begun.

The initial work will include mobilization and light demolition and preparation of the site.

Perimeter fencing has already been erected, however access to the fields, tot lot areas and picnic areas has been maintained until Monday, August 6 when the entry way as well as the parking lot will be closed and secured.  This area will remain closed until the end of the project, which will be mid November.

There will be no access to the east end of the park during construction.

Through the generosity of the Mount Auburn Cemetery and Mount Auburn Hospital, the adjacent parking lot on Grove Street will be available to the users of the facility Monday through Friday evenings and on weekends with pedestrian access to the fields.

A temporary pathway will be created to connect the parking lot to the fields for access to the Filippello facility.

Our expectation is that all users of the facility will utilize this parking lot when they visit Filippello Park.

A more detailed plan will be forth coming next week, but we wanted to give the community and all permit holders an indication of upcoming changes.

Thank you for your understanding during this time of transition.  Once completed this area will be a great asset for our community.

Please feel free to reach out to the recreation department at 617-972-6494 or for concerns, questions or comments.

5 thoughts on “Construction at Filippello Park’s Grove Street Entrance has Begun

  1. There are three meetings on school renovations this month. The first one is Wednesday, August 1 at 6:00 in the Town Council Chambers.

    The Filippello project has been six years in the making and the area in poor shape.

    The Town also received a grant to decrease the cost to our residents.

  2. Nevermind: I just spotted where the dog park will be…. small-breeds and large breeds separated. Good idea not to mix large and small. I don’t own a dog, but I’m looking forward to using the park when it’s completed. Can someone say where the funds are coming from? Is it part of our town budget? Sorry, but I haven’t been following lately….

  3. Each year money is allocated for capital projects across the town. This could include streets and side walks, improvements to schools and town buildings, purchase of vehicles and other such initiatives.

    This also includes improvements’ to our recreational facilities. In this case, the town was fortunate to have been awarded a grant to help with the cost of the renovation.

    All this information is included in the Capital Improvement Plan as part of the budget book that is approved each year.

    Please feel free to access the Towns website at for more specific information.

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