LETTER: Resident Defends Marilyn Pettito Devaney, Supports Her Reelection to Governor’s Council



I just received a flyer in the mail today from candidate Nick Carter. I would like to respond to the false accusations he writes about Councillor Marilyn Petitto Devaney. He doesn’t tell you the facts as to why the Council/ Councillor Devaney voted no.

Look at the facts and research her voting record. I did my research and this is what I found:

FALSE — Just as one example. He states Councillor Devaney voted NO on a qualified nominee – Jennifer Roberts.

TRUTH  — This person, Jennifer Roberts, was never even presented to the council to vote on – Check it out!

FALSE — He Says Councillor Devaney has been an impediment to diversity repeatedly voting against women and people of color. And that she has voted against all the recent women presented.

TRUTH — Councillor Devaney has an outstanding proven record throughout her tenure, voting for diversity, people of color and women. Check her voting record!

I researched and found that Councilor Devaney just recently voted for two outstanding women who happen to be of Indian heritage — to the Appeals Court and District Court, an Indian American man on the Housing Court, a black woman to District Court, a man with Salvadorian roots to District Court, and another qualified woman to the Housing Court. Again – this is just recently!!

Councillor Devaney has 100 percent attendance at all hearings and meetings. She is the only councillor who meets with every nominee presented by all governors in her tenure. She won’t take travel money.

Councillor Devaney has made many reforms to the Council, for example, changed the makeup of the parole board who were all prosecutors. Stopped political contributions from nominees upon application to the councillors, Governor and Lt. Governors included in all governor’s executive orders from Governor Cellucci to Baker — and so much more. Nominees are sworn in at their hearings with their witnesses.

FALSE — Councilor Devaney is for mandatory minimum sentencing.

TRUTH — Councillor Devaney ‘s testimony is documented in the State House, when she testified against mandatory minimums, but he continues to spread false accusations and by saying she’s for them.

Unable to address all the false accusations — this is just a sample. Do the voters of the 3rd District want someone who spreads false accusations to choose our judges, clerk magistrates and members of boards and commissions?

Councilor Devaney is a lifelong Democrat, look at her many endorsements which include: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Congressmen James McGovern, Congressmen Michael Capuano, Congressmen Stephen Lynch, Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, National Association of Government Employees, and many others Unions. These are just a few of her many endorsements.

In my opinion as a constituent no one could represent us or work harder than our only full time Governor’s Councilor Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney. Vote to re-elect Councilor Devaney on September 4th. www.reelectmarilyn.net


Santa Clancy
Watertown Resident

5 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Defends Marilyn Pettito Devaney, Supports Her Reelection to Governor’s Council

  1. Marilyn has been fastidious as a Governor’s Councilor. I support her. I also wonder why someone running for this position would have to misrepresent their opponent’s record unless they have little positive to add.

  2. Far be it for me to intervene in a Democrat Primary…. But since when is Diversity a qualification for a Judicial Appointment. The Commonwealth needs Judges that enforce, apply, and interpret the Law as written…. using best reading of the text as a sure guide to determine the intent of Legislature.
    Those voting in the Democrat Primary next Tuesday, ought to remember that a Governor’s Councilor votes to fill vacancies in Judiciary… not fill a Box of Crayola Crayons.
    Nick Carter sounds like he’s totally out to lunch to me.

  3. Marilyn is a conscientious, hard working, and diligent worker in every position she holds. She does her homework and she speaks up when things aren’t right, and many people resent her for this; I applaud her for doing this. She is up against a person who has a huge amount of money to spend because of all his connections with the hacks. If you’ve noticed, he’s sent out numerous mailings and the last one was the most negative one that I’ve ever seen on any candidate. A vote for Marilyn is a vote for a fair and just system.

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