Watertown Fitness Club Hosting Auction for Children’s Hospital Where Everyone Wins

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Some of the items that people can be bid in the auction at Boston Sports Club in Watertown to benefit Children's Hospital Boston.

Some of the items that people can be bid in the auction at Boston Sports Club in Watertown to benefit Children’s Hospital Boston.

The following information was provided by All-American Classics and Boston Sports Club, Watertown:

Whether it’s a photo of Tom Brady and David Oritz holding championship trophies or a pristine portrait of Elvis Presley standing alongside Johnny Cash, the Boston Sports Club in Watertown is providing its members and general public a guaranteed piece of history.

Offering sports, music and entertainment lovers a ‘kid in a candy store’ type of feel, the fitness club at 311 Arsenal St. has a one-of-a-kind public auction now on display. Best of all, the club is guaranteeing that not only is each and every bid a winning one, but the money collected is helping support Boston Children’s Hospital.

Bidders are shipped free of charge their winning piece of memorabilia, which arrives in a custom-built frame, directly to their home.

“We’re excited to offer a piece of history, one that our members would be proud to display or provide as a gift to a friend or loved one,” said Philip Reddy Jr., General Manager. “Best of all, every bid wins and helps support a wonderful medical center that plays an important role in providing support to children receiving treatment right here in Boston.”

The items have been provided by Hot Springs Village, AR-based All-American Classics, which works with businesses across the country on fundraising opportunities to raise money for local nonprofits and major children’s hospitals. In the last year alone, All-American Classics-produced auctions like the one currently on display at Boston Sports Club in Watertown have helped to raise nearly $1.5 million for nonprofit organizations in the U.S.

For more information, contact the Boston Sports Club at 617-924-0669.

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