LETTER: Governor’s Councilor Devaney Thanks Her Supporters


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the 51,781 people who voted for my reelection as your Governor’s councillor.

Thank you for putting my sign on your lawn, or standing out for me – or saying a kind word about me along the way, I am grateful.

I am so grateful that you believe in me and did not believe the lies and specious attacks on me.

My campaign took the high road based on my proven record and reforms I have made on the Governor’s Council.

I am honored to work for you as your Governor’s Councillor.

I am so proud to be your voice on the Council.

Please continue to call.

I welcome your call at 617-840-7689 (cell), State House Office 617-725-4015 ext. 3, or email MarilynPetittodevaney@gmail.com


Marilyn Petitto Devaney
Governor’s Councilor, District 3

Devaney Wins Race for Governor’s Council & All the Watertown Results from the State Primary

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