Police Log: Drug Dealer Arrested in Parking Lot, Employee Attacked by Man Breaking Into His Car

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The following information was provided by the Watertown Police Department.


Sept. 20, 8:28 p.m.: Police were called to Target for a man who was seen opening a locked case and taking video games, which he then concealed in a backpack. After stopping the man, security found a magnetic key which he said he used to open the case. They found that he had $129.97 worth of PlayStation 4 games, $33.98 worth of clothing, a bottle of nail polish worth $7.89, and a board game that cost $21.99. The 35-year-old Somerville man was arrested on charges of shoplifting by concealment, breaking and entering into a depository, and possession of burglarious tools.

Sept. 20, 11:54 p.m.: An officer checking the parking lot of Stop & Shop on Pleasant Street spotted a 2002 Toyota Avalon in the lot with the motor running. When the officer approached the vehicle he saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat with the seat reclined. The man said he had just dropped his friend off and was getting ready to leave. The store, however, closes at 11 p.m., and when the officer asked the friend’s name, the man said he didn’t know it. The man appeared to be nervous and said he couldn’t find a $50 bill in his car. Police found the car did not belong to him, and the driver said it was his girlfriend’s. Officers searched the vehicle and found several pills which were identified as oxycodone. He also had 100 plastic sandwich bags, and a drug scale with white power residue on it. Officers also located a container of baby powder. The 51-year-old Dorchester man was arrested on a charge of possession to distribute a Class B drug.

Sept. 21, 8 p.m.: Target security stopped two shoplifters, who were being very uncooperative. The suspects had been seen walking around the store with a piece of rolling luggage. One woman would hand items to the other, who put them inside the bag. When they were stopped the pair had a total of $529.50 in merchandise. When police arrived the first suspect was sitting on the floor of the loss prevention office, while the second suspect was standing. When she saw police, the first suspect lay down on the ground and closed her eyes. Police asked her to sit up, but she would not. When police tried to handcuff the first suspect, she fought off attempts. Then the second suspect grabbed the officer to try to prevent him from arresting the first suspect. When officers tried to arrest the second suspect, she dove on the floor, face down, and put her hands underneath her body. She began thrashing around, and during the interaction an officer was struck in the face, resulting in a chipped tooth and swelling around his eye. More officers arrived and they were place under arrests. The two women, both 27 year olds from Boston, were each arrested on charges of shoplifting over $250, assault and battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest.


Sept. 20, 8:42 p.m.: An employee of a business on Elton Avenue said someone had damaged a window covering, and it appeared that someone tried to break into the business. A foot print was found on the metal window cover, as if someone had tried to kick it. There was no other damage and entry was not gained.

Sept. 22, midnight: A witness called police when they saw a man being attacked by a second man at the Watertown Service gas station on Watertown Street. An employee had just closed up and saw someone in his vehicle. When he asked what the man was doing in his vehicle, the suspect got out and attacked the employee. A witness saw the men struggling and yelled that he was calling police. At that point the suspect ran away. The suspect is described as a man, age 20-30, dark skinned, brown hair, partial facial hair, wearing green khaki pants, who was carrying a black backpack. Nothing was taken from the vehicle. Police are investigating.

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