4 thoughts on “OP-ED: Republicans Can Send a Strong Message for Change by Leaving Governor Blank on Ballot

  1. I just cannot believe that you would have us let a candidate like Jay Gonzales become the next governor! I do not like Charlie Baker, but I could never vote for the likes of Jay Gonzales. Let us remember that we live in a state RULED by democrats and we must vote for people who have a chance of winning like the moderate Charlie Baker. He will be much better that the far left candidate Gonzales..

    • I’m not suggesting anyone vote for Gonzales. I’m saying people should blank Baker.
      He is just as bad as Gonzalez, with the exception that Gonzalez isn’t in the one standing in the way of the MA-GOP actually becoming a viable party in this State. Charlie Baker and the current corrupt cabal are. They are cancer

      Gonzalez is the opposition. Baker is the Enemy

  2. What a long winded bunch of bloat. The only reason the Republican party is viable at all in Mass. is because of a few independent thinking rational republicans. Not all republicans have to be anti woman’s choice (aka abortions rights as you might prefer to call it). You talk about this as if it’s a sports game and only your side matters.
    It does not matter if your a republican or democrat. what matter is you make sense and understand what the people need and deserve.
    Your OP-ed is just divisive dribble much like what comes put of the cesspool white house.
    Seriously look at what you wrote and tell me what possible good can come from it.
    It’s all wining instead of ideas that can benefit your fellow citizens.

  3. One could debate this point by point, or simply say that it is a masterpiece of bloviating hogwash. I will do the latter and save everyone a lot of needless reading.

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