One thought on “LETTER: Town Councilor Shares Questions, Concerns on Mt. Auburn St. Received from Residents

  1. My friend who lives in Seattle told me that they prioritized buss and bike traffic in her city. When she was working (she has since retired), it took her one hour to drive three miles. (She had to drive.). That was five years ago. This is the future.

    Also, elimination of the winter parking ban would be a mistake. Do people really think folks will find parking for all those extra cars in a snow storm? How many people would not move off the streets? Watertown had better hire very aggressive tow companies. After that, people will ask to allow cars on one side of the street and shovel out a space. That never causes problems.

    Sigh – the city known as the Town of Watertown is heading into the problems other cities have yet to solve.

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