Watertown Doctor, Man He Saved Attend Mount Auburn Hospital’s Party of the Year

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Mount Auburn Hospital

Jill and Michael Earley, Wellesley Michael Murphy, MD and Debra Murphy, Watertown, MA (patient who arrived in the ED having cardiac arrest and treating physician)

The following information came from Mount Auburn Hospital:

Jill and Michael Earley of Wellesley, and Dr. Michael Murphy, MD and Debra Murphy, of Watertown attended Mount Auburn Hospital’s Party of the Year. Earley came to the hospital in cardiac arrest and Dr. Murphy saved his life. 

The Party of the Year is Mount Auburn Hospital’s annual charity gala to promote good health in our community. Among those in attendance was a man who brought to the hospital having a heart attack and the doctor who saved him. 

When father and husband Michael Earley arrived at Mount Auburn Hospital on July 11 after collapsing on the basketball court, the outlook was grim. Earley had suffered cardiac arrest — something the staff in the Mount Auburn Hospital see nearly every day.

In situations like this time, training, and skill are critical. Mount Auburn Hospital is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to emergencies like this. Thanks to the quick communication and care of Dr. Michael Murphy, Dr. Robert Campbell and PA Monika Jamrozek, as well as many other team members, Mr. Earley is here today to share his story. 

John and Ellen Canepa of Watertown attended the gala for Mount Auburn Hospital.

Mount Auburn Hospital  recently celebrated a year of excellence, compassion and generosity at a masquerade themed Party of the Year! Nearly 500 guests raised almost $700,000 to support the hospital’s commitment to our community’s good health.

3 thoughts on “Watertown Doctor, Man He Saved Attend Mount Auburn Hospital’s Party of the Year

  1. What a wonderful story. I’m sure the Emergency Room Nurses had a strong role in saving this mans life and wish they got some recognition as well❤️. A beautiful story and wishing you all the best of health!

  2. Special thank you to all at Mount Auburn Hospital.
    The care you all showed to Mike and our family will never be forgotten.
    It was wonderful to be able to thank Dr. Murphy in person and show our gratitude to this wonderful hospital and team. For simplicity sake the hospital has highlighted Dr. Murphy but rest assured that Dr. Murphy himself said it was everyone involved from the CPR court side to the paramedics and Arlington Rescue team to the Emergency Room team, Cardiac Cath, ICU, 5th floor Nurses and all I have forgotten to mention thank you all so much! My husband was able to dance with his daughters at the Gala because of all of you!

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